Who built the secret annex?

Who built the secret annex?

Otto Frank
In 1940, Otto Frank rented the entire building, main house and annex, from the Pieron family, who had been the owner since 1901.

Who built the bookcase?

Two distinct types arose: shelves built into the walls of libraries of the wealthy, and the freestanding piece of furniture, which became widespread after 1700. French designer Charles Andre Boulle (1642-1732) often is credited with devising the low bookcase.

Who gave up Anne Frank’s hiding place?

Miep Gies
Known for Hiding Dutch Jews, including Anne Frank and her family, from the Nazis
Spouse(s) Jan Gies ​ ​ ( m. 1941; died 1993)​
Children 1
Website http://www.miepgies.com

Who is Mr Van Daan?

van Daan. The father of the family that hides in the annex along with the Franks and who had worked with Otto Frank as an herbal specialist in Amsterdam. Mr. van Daan’s actual name is Hermann van Pels, but Anne calls him Mr.

How did Anne Frank hide for so long?

Anne Frank’s family went into hiding in an attic apartment behind Otto Frank’s business, located at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam, on July 6, 1942. In an effort to avoid detection, the family left a false trail suggesting they’d fled to Switzerland.

Where did Anne Frank and her family hide?

The annex on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam in 1954. Anne Frank and the other people in hiding lived here for two years.

What can’t Anne forgive her mother?

What can’t Anne forgive her mother for? telling Mrs. Van Daan to adopt Anne. Why did Anne sew an edge of lace on a blue petticoat?

Who helped the Frank family while in hiding?

Miep Gies
The van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer, Miep’s dentist, later join the Franks in hiding. For two years, Miep Gies supplies those in hiding with part of her food rations, news from the outside, and most importantly, friendship. Anne is quite fond of Miep and writes about her in her diary.

Is Mr Van Daan a smoker?

Mr. van Daan was a former business associate of Otto Frank. He, his wife, and his son Peter join the Franks in the secret annex. Although Mr. Daan was not well developed in the diary, Anne did indicate that he was a chain smoker.

Who is a Dutch man that owns the office downstairs?

He was in the downstairs office when the police came to take the Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Düssel away. They asked Mr. Kraler for the owner of the house, and he gave them the name and address of their landlord.

When was the annex for Anne Frank built?

The annex where Anne and her family went into hiding dates from 1739. In that year, more than a hundred years after the construction of Prinsengracht 263, the previous annex had been demolished to be replaced by a new, larger annex. Later on, another renovation took place.

Why did they hide in the Secret Annex?

The facts are: There is no reason the inhabitants of the Secret Annex could not have hid for 25 months without getting caught. They made sure not to make noise when anyone else was in the building. Their protectors and the design of the annex also helped them remain hidden.

How did Johan Voskuijl keep Anne Frank secret?

Johan Voskuijl worked in the warehouse at Opekta and Pectacon. In August 1942, he built a hinged bookcase to conceal the entrance to the Secret Annex. The hiding place of the Frank family and the others was kept secret until 4 August 1944, the day they were all arrested. The bookcase made accessible to the public

When did the bookcase in Anne Frank House open?

During the renovation, the bookcase was stabilised and reinforced with a metal frame. From the official opening of the Anne Frank House on 3 May 1960 onwards, the original bookcase was shown to the public without other protection.