What is the main message of the poem like the Molave?

What is the main message of the poem like the Molave?

The main interpretation of the Filipino poem Like The Molave is one regarding how we, the people of the Philippines must work to make the nation stronger. Like The Molave also highlights the importance of the younger generation, and how they must fight for their country and improve the Filipino way of living.

What is the qualities of the Molave tree?

What are Molave qualities? They are courteous, brave, industrious, self-reliant, patriotic, and have strong moral fibers.

Who is the speaker in the poem like the Molave?

Zenit LIKE THE MOLAVE I (1940) In Rafael Zulueta da Costa’s 1940 poem Like the Molave,the speaker entreats our national hero, Jose Rizal to inspire generations with his unwavering perseverance for nationalfreedom.

What is the benefits of Molave tree?

– Studies have suggested antioxidant, larvicidal, antibacterial, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, antispasmodic, wound healing properties. Bark, leaves, stems, wood. – Decoction or infusion of wood considered a remedy for poisons, as it induces vomiting. – Decoction of bark used for diarrhea.

Why Molave tree is important?

Molave has been suggested for shelterbelts and already planted in reforestation projects in the Philippines. Its wood and bark have curative effects on wounds and poisonous bites. The leaves are used to feed cattles, carabaos, and goats, especially during the dry season when rangelands are somewhat barren.

What who is speaking in the poem?

The speaker is the voice or “persona” of a poem. One should not assume that the poet is the speaker, because the poet may be writing from a perspective entirely different from his own, even with the voice of another gender, race or species, or even of a material object.

Who is the author of the poem The Molave?

Written by a Filipino poet, R. Zulueta Da Costa, The Molave is about pride and patriotism of this unique, family-oriented south east Asian island; however, the poem is also about acceptance of other people who come to the Philippines to live.

What makes a poem unique in a poem?

What Makes Poetry Unique “Truly fine poetry must be read aloud. A good poem does not allow itself to be read in a low voice or silently. If we can read it silently, it is not a valid poem: a poem demands pronunciation.

What do imperfections in a poem tell you?

Imperfections are that moment in which one’s senses are a tad off-kilter or perhaps disrupted by some outside force. They tell the story of that individual’s day, their feelings, thoughts, exterior influences.