What does Garos mask do Majoras mask?

What does Garos mask do Majoras mask?

The Garo’s Mask is a Mask in Majora’s Mask that will allow the wearer to pose as a member of an elite assassin unit. Location Found: Gorman Race Track, Milk Road. Uses: He’ll recognize the mask and create a tree that Link can Hookshot to reach Ikana Canyon.

How do you get Don Gero mask?

The mask is given to Link by a hungry Goron in the Mountain Village. To acquire the mask, Link must light all the torches lining the wall of the Goron Shrine, using a Deku Stick and before defeating Goht.

How do I get the Goron mask in Majora’s mask?

Use the Lens of Truth to see a set of ladders leading up the cliff. At the top, enter the cave and speak to the ghost. He will give Link the Goron Mask if you play the Song of Healing for him. If you pull the stone that is in the center of the room as Goron Link, you will make a hot spring appear.

How do you get the stolen sword back in Majora’s Mask?

The bird will then fly away to Clock Town with the item. The Takkuri works with the Man from Curiosity Shop, and as such, stolen items such as a Bottle and the Sword can later be bought back at the Curiosity Shop.

How do you get a Gibdo Mask?

The Gibdo Mask is given to Link by Pamela’s Father after he lifts the curse cast upon Ikana River in Ikana Canyon. Upon entering the Music Box House, the hero finds Pamela’s Father in a state of half-mummification.

What does the gerudo mask do oot?

It serves no significant purpose, merely getting odd reactions from the civilians of Hyrule. While wearing the Mask, it makes people think that Link is a woman and causes Gerudo thieves to be a bit annoyed.

Where are the gerudo Pirates Majora’s mask?

In Majora’s Mask, Pirates are encountered as enemies inside the Pirates’ Fortress, guarding Lulu’s stolen Zora Eggs. They are found in rooms whose doors are marked by a golden scimitar panel. They drop down when Link enters, locking him inside and engaging him in combat.

How do you get the Bremen Mask?

Link receives this mask from Guru-Guru, the musician with the Gorman Troupe, in the Laundry Pool area of South Clocktown at night during the first or second nights. Just go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town and talk to the guy about his problems and you will receive the mask.

What do I do with Don Gero’s Mask?

Don Gero’s Mask is one of the twenty four Masks from Majora’s Mask. It can be used to receive a Piece of Heart and was previously worn by a Cold Goron in Mountain Village….Don Gero’s Mask.

Games Majora’s Mask
Uses Gather the Frog Choir Speak to Frogs Retrieve Piece of Heart

Who is the Goron Mask?

The Mask contains the spirit of the fallen Goron hero Darmani III, and when Link dons the Mask, he inhabits the warrior’s body.

How do you get the blast mask?

To get the Blast Mask, you need to save the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop on the First Night at Midnight in North Clocktown. Sakon the thief is going to try to steal the bombs from her, slash him to save the bombs and the lady will reward you (shooting him with your bow causes him to explode). You’re such a good kid.

Where do you find Garo’s mask in The Legend of Zelda?

The Garo’s Mask is a Mask in Majora’s Mask that will allow the wearer to pose as a member of an elite assassin unit. Location Found: Gorman Race Track, Milk Road.

What happens when Link wears the Garo’s mask?

If Link equips the Garo’s Mask in these areas, a Garo Robe appears, believing Link to be the Garo Master. Upon realizing he is not, the Robe attacks, and offers advice before departing. Another use, albeit minor, is that when Link wears the Garo’s Mask whilst in a room with ReDeads or Gibdos, they start to dance.

Who is the Poe collector in Garo’s mask?

When wearing the mask at the base of the cliff wall, the mysterious figure atop the cliff, named the Poe Collector, comments on the mask, advising Link to use it to ask the regrets of the wandering spirits in Ikana. While in Ikana Canyon, Tatl occasionally comments on a thirst for blood in the air around them.

Who is the leader of the Garo in Zelda?

Any spies captured or defeated on enemy ground were required by law to commit ritual suicide and die without leaving a corpse. The leader of the Garo is the Garo Master, who Link battles in the Stone Tower Temple.