How do I reserve a train seat in Europe?

How do I reserve a train seat in Europe?

You can make seat reservations through the website for 95% of all European trains. To do this, you need a Eurail Pass and a account. You can also book many trains through our Rail Planner App.

How do I contact Eurail by phone?

Phone number: +41 900 300 300 (open 24/7).

Do you have to reserve a seat on Eurail?

We’re all about flexibility – most trains covered by your Eurail Pass don’t require seat reservations, so if you’re willing to take a slower route you can often avoid the extra cost. National trains will take you to all corners of Europe, and you can just hop on and off as you please.

Why are there no seat reservations on trains?

Seat reservations may not be available on the journey you are taking – e.g. if it is a short distance service. Seat reservations may not be available with the train operator you are travelling with. This is usually 12 weeks ahead of your travel date. The train on which you wish to travel is full at the time of booking.

Which trains in Europe require reservations?

Reservations are required for: Sleeping accommodations on all overnight trains; most high-speed trains (e.g. Eurostar, TGV, TAV, Thalys); Long Distance and Express Trains in Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe; and Long Distance and Express Trains during high season (July and August).

Can I sleep on Eurorail?

Night trains offer a comfortable way to travel by night. Most European night trains are included in the Eurail passes. You’ll just need to reserve and pay for your preferred sleeping accommodation type in addition to your pass.

Who owns Eurorail?

Eurail B.V.
Eurail B.V. is owned by more than 35 European railway and ferry companies, and is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are the official online sales channel for Eurail & Interrail Passes, making us an international e-commerce scale-up in the travel industry, leading in our market.

What countries does Eurail cover?

Here’s the full list of the 33 countries currently serviced by Eurail: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway.

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd class on Eurail?

1st class seats are more spacious and comfortable. This is true—but the degree of difference in comfort depends on the route. First Class seats are often marginally roomier, and tend to offer more luxurious upholstery. However, most Second Class seats are perfectly comfortable and well-maintained.

How can I change my reserved seat in train?

To reschedule the journey, the passenger needs to submit his ticket to the reservation office at least 48 hours before the train leaves. The change in date of travel on the tickets can be done by paying the prescribed fees. Tickets can be preponed or postponed in the higher or same category for the same destination.

Do I have to sit in my reserved seat on a train?

You are allowed to sit in reserved seats that are not occupied. If you speak to a conductor on a busy train they will tell you to do this. It’s usually obvious a few minutes after departure that the person who made the reservation is not coming.

Can you take a train across Europe?

A Vast Rail Network and Multiple Trains Europe’s rail network is extremely vast so it is possible to travel to even small towns by train. Most destinations offer multiple trains a day. The most popular routes usually have a train each hour so getting to where you want to go is rarely difficult.