What did John de Courcy do in Ireland?

What did John de Courcy do in Ireland?

As well as building castles like those at Carrickfergus and Dundrum, de Courcy founded or refounded a number of monastic sites, such as Inch and Grey Abbey, many of which had strong Cumbrian links. He also encouraged the cult of Saint Patrick.

Where was John de Courcy born?

Stogursey, United Kingdom
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Who lived in Dundrum Castle?

Dundrum Castle, Co. Dundrum Castle was destroyed sometime afterwards. In 1730 a mansion known as Dundrum House was built on the site. Dundrum House served as the home of Cornelius Maude, Viscount Hawarden and his descendants until the early 20th century when the structure was sold to an order of Roman Catholic nuns.

Where did John de Courcy go to school?

Biography. Born in Lucknow, India, where his County Kildare native father, de Courcy Ireland, served in the British Army, he was educated at Marlborough College, Oxford University and Trinity College Dublin, where he was awarded a PhD in 1951. The title of his thesis was “The Influence of the Sea on Civilisation”.

Where did John de Courcy build his castles?

After conquering eastern Ulster he established his caput at Carrickfergus, where he built an impressive stone castle. Other monasteries and castles that he built are Inch Abbey and Dundrum.

How old is Dundrum Castle?

841c. 1180
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Who built Dundrum Castle?

John De Courcy
Believed to have been built in or around 1177, Dundrum Castle was built by John De Courcy as part of his coastal defence after he invaded Ulster. Dundrum Castle is located on a wooded hill north-west of Dundrum village near Newcastle.

Where is Hugh de Lacy buried?

Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore
Hugh de Lacy, Lord of Meath/Place of burial

Where did Hugh de Lacy live?

Early in 1185 Henry sent his son John over to Ireland, and the young prince complained to his father that Lacy would not permit the Irish to pay tribute. This led to fresh disgrace, but Lacy remained in Ireland and occupied himself as before with castle-building.

How did John de Courcy get control of Ulster?

Hugh de Lacy, younger son of Hugh de Lacy Lord of Meath, began to wage war on John de Courcy, capturing him in 1204. In May 1205, King John made Hugh Earl of Ulster, granting him all the land of the province “as John de Courcy held it on the day when Hugh defeated him”.

Is Dundrum in south Dublin?

South Dublin is home to many inland, cosy villages and towns including Rathmines, Terenure and Dundrum. Other interesting locations include Sandyford and UCD.

When did John de Courcy come to Ireland?

Born around AD 1150, John de Courcy was a minor member of a Somerset family with important connections in the north of England. Described by the chronicler Gerald of Wales as ‘fair-haired and tall with bony and sinewy limbs’ and possessing ‘immense bodily strength’, de Courcy served Henry II in England and France before coming to Ireland in 1176.

From then until his expulsion in 1204, he conquered a considerable territory, endowed religious establishments, built abbeys for both the Benedictines and the Cistercians and built strongholds at Dundrum Castle in County Down and Carrickfergus Castle in County Antrim.

Where did the DeCourcy family live in 1066?

In 1066, William the Conqueror successfully invaded England with a group of royal Norman knights which included Richard DeCourcy , then Lord Courcy. Shortly thereafter, the family was rewarded with lands at Oxford and a larger estate in Somerset, England – the latter referred to as Stoke Courcy.

What did John de Courcy do with Ulidia?

De Courcy now parcelled out Ulidia (the counties of Down and Antrim) among his followers. He was confirmed in his possessions by Henry II. who created him Lord of Connaught and Earl of Ulster.