Is Rogers silverware worth anything?

Is Rogers silverware worth anything?

No matter who you sell to, usually sterling silver is more valuable than silver plate, stainless steel, copper or some other non-precious metal. The prices on eBay we found for “Eternally Yours Rogers Brothers Silverware” range from $235 -$295.

Are silverplated items worth anything?

Silver is a valuable metal that has a long-lasting intrinsic value. On the contrary, silver-plated items are only worth what the buyer has to offer. Unlike silver that has a melting value, silverplate doesn’t. Besides, each item has a small amount of silver.

How can you tell if Rogers silverware is real silver?

Buff the silverware to a shine with a soft, nonabrasive white cloth. If the silverware is real, it will leave a slight (or not so slight) black mark. Real silver chemically reacts with oxygen to form a patina (tarnish) while silver plating bonds to the underlying metal, so stainless steel will leave no such mark.

How do I know if my silverware is valuable?

Inspect the pieces looking for markings such as “925,” “. 925” or “sterling” for pieces made in the U.S. These pieces are usually darker in color and are naturally lighter in weight. Sterling silver pieces have intrinsic value, and can often be resold.

What is the most valuable silverware?


  • Germain Soup Tureen $10 million.
  • George II Silver Coffee Pot $7 million.
  • Antique American Punch Silver Bowl $5.9 million.

When was Wm Rogers silver made?

International Silver Company. (1853-1931). International Silver Company records. [Including William Rogers Manufacturing Company (Hartford).]

How do I know if my silverware is solid or plated?

Check the colouring of the item carefully; genuine silver is generally less shiny and colder in tone than silverplate. If you see places where the silver appears to be flaking off or turning green, the item is silver plated. To investigate further, you can try cleaning the item with a soft cloth.

How do I get the best price on sterling silver flatware?

Check several different websites, not just eBay, and compare the prices to get an average. This process will give you a good idea of the value of your silverware set before you try to sell them or have them appraised by a professional.

How much is my sterling silver flatware worth?

Sterling silver flatware is worth $20 per ounce or $0.7 per gram. However, this minimum silverware value can be increased based on flatware rarety, age, design quality, and overall look. Sterling silver souvenir spoons can be sold for $5 and sometimes for $2500.

What is the value of Rogers Bros silverware?

Please feel free to start the process and fill out our Request Estimate Form. Otherwise for non-sterling, check to see what items are going for on eBay to get an idea about the value. The prices on eBay we found for “Eternally Yours Rogers Brothers Silverware” range from $235 -$295.

What is the value of 1847 Rogers Brothers silverware?

Roger Bros. spoons marked “1847” are worth less than $1.00. The date is when the company was founded. These spoons are silverplated, usually of poor quality and are very very common. Prices in antique stores (Ebay) will vary greatly.

Is 1847 Rogers Bros Silver?

All 1847 Rogers Bros is silver plate. The 1847 in the name does not mean it was made in that year. The name is a marketing brand for Rogers and International Silver (IS), Rogers’ parent company.