How much is a 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle card worth?

How much is a 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle card worth?

values the card in near mint condition at $3,000; in excellent condition at $1,300, and in very good condition at $700.

Why is 1952 Topps so expensive?

The biggest reason why these cards are so expensive is that they’re rare. The 1952 card is especially rare because there were not that many printed originally, it had a fantastic and futuristic design, and it was the first Topps set to feature Mantle’s card.

What is the most expensive Mickey Mantle baseball card?

A rare Mickey Mantle card was sold for a record-breaking $5.2 million, the highest price ever for a baseball card, broker PWCC Marketplace announced Thursday. The card was purchased by “Billionaire Boys Club” actor and entrepreneur Rob Gough.

What is a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle worth?

$5.2 Million
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Sells for $5.2 Million, Highest Ever for a Baseball Card. Share: Mike Trout’s reign on top of the baseball card world was short-lived. A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle has sold for a record-breaking $5.2 million, making it the most ever for a baseball card and sports card.

How much is a 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle worth?

So what are these cards worth? The value of a 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle card will depend on its condition and can range between $225 to $15,000 or more.

How can you tell if a Mickey Mantle set is authentic?

If you have a strong flashlight, hold it up against the Mantle and then perform the same test on a known authentic example (or any card from the 1952 set) and compare the results. Below is a picture showing the test being performed on a 1968 Topps Mickey Mantle, but the same principle applies for any card.

Is the 1953 Mickey Mantle baseball card real?

Answer: The 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card is one of the most popular Mantle cards next to his 52 Topps and 51 Bowman RC. A real 53 Topps Mantle won’t have a glossy finish to the front or back.

Why was Mickey Mantle so popular in the 1960s?

With Topps leading the way, 1960s Mickey Mantle cards represent some of the most iconic in the hobby’s post-war history. With the card maker tinkering with formats and expanding their checklists, it led to more and more Mickey Mantle cards. Rather than just a regular player card, he was appearing in a growing number of subsets.

How can you tell if a Topps Mickey Mantle card has been repaired?

 A black light can also be helpful with finding out if the card has had any surface repairs.  If you put it under the black light and you see some spots lighting up on the surface that means there has been some surface repairs made to it.  Back in the 90’s, Topps made a Mickey Mantle reprint set that features a reprint of the 53 Topps card.