How does Romeo react to the news of his banishment?

How does Romeo react to the news of his banishment?

Explain Romeos reaction to the news of his banishment. He is really upset and wants to see Juliet; he then threatens to kill himself. Romeo tells Friar Lawrence that the priest cannot know or understand how Romeo feels.

Which is worse, banishment or death in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo’s reaction is classic over-exaggeration. Romeo says that banishment is far worse than death. Ha, banishment! Be merciful, say “death,” Much more than death. Do not say “banishment.” Friar Lawrence tries to talk some sense into Romeo, but Romeo isn’t having any of it.

Why did Romeo want to be banished from Verona?

He is mad and he’d rather be dead then be banished because he says that ‘being banished from Verona is like being banished from the world.’ Q: What was Romeo’s reaction to the news of his banishment? Write your answer… Registered users can ask questions, leave comments, and earn points for submitting new answers.

What did Friar Laurence tell Romeo in Act 3?

Basically, the priest is telling Romeo to be more rational and to think a little more clearly about his situation. Friar Laurence wants Romeo to act wisely rather than to react intemperately. You can see Friar Laurence’s advice in Act 3 Scene 3, where he tells Romeo to go to Juliet and to take her to Mantua for a time.

Romeo reacts poorly to the news of his banishment. He tells Friar Laurence that exile holds more terror for him than death. In other words, he would rather face death than be banished from Verona. Upon hearing this, Friar Laurence becomes angry and accuses Romeo of being ungrateful.

What news does Romeo in Mantua receive of Juliet?

S1-What news does Balthasar bring Romeo? Balthasar arrives in Mantua and tells Romeo that Juliet is dead.

How Romeo is affected by Balthazar’s news?

In any case, Romeo is utterly devastated at the news, as we might expect—but he’s also defiant. He rails against the bad fortune that has brought about what he thinks is the death of his beloved: Then I defy you, stars!

What did Romeo do in Mantua?

He goes to find an apothecary, a seller of drugs. After telling the man in the shop that he looks poor, Romeo offers to pay him well for a vial of poison. The Apothecary says that he has just such a thing, but that selling poison in Mantua carries the death sentence.

Why is Romeo happy when he sees Mantua?

Why is Romeo happy when we first see him in Mantua. He has received news of the Friar’s plan. He just got a letter from Juliet. His banishment has been lifted.

What actions does Balthasar’s news prompt Romeo to do?

What actions does Balthasar’s news prompt Romeo to do? It prompts him to visit Juliet and later poison himself.

What’s friar’s advice to Romeo?

At the end of Act II, scene iii, just after he has agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence offers Romeo the following advice: Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.

How does Friar Laurence respond to Romeo’s behavior in Act 3?

In Romeo & Juliet, Friar Laurence responds to Romeo’s overly dramatic behavior in act 3 scene 3 by chiding him. Secretly wed to Juliet, Romeo is awaiting knowledge of what his punishment will be for killing Tybalt.

Who is the friar in Romeo and Juliet?

The friar is the level-headed adult who tries to get Romeo focused on coming up with a plan and thinking of tomorrow. Friar Lawrence tries to convince Romeo that he should be grateful he won’t be executed for killing Tybalt, instead of whining about being banished. When Friar Lawrence tells him he is banished, Romeo says he would rather die.

What happens in Act 3 Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet?

In act 3, scene 3 of the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo & Juliet, Romeo has killed Tybalt and is awaiting news of his punishment. He has also secretly wed Juliet at this point. Friar Laurence gives Romeo the news that he is to be banished from Verona. Romeo says that… Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more.