How do you wake up early in Stick RPG?

How do you wake up early in Stick RPG?

In Stick RPG 2, the Coma-Snooze Bed can be bought at Wallymart for $2,200. The effect of the bed is that it will wake you up earlier.

How do you get the caffeine pills in Stick RPG?

Caffeine Pills are an Automatic item that when used, help’s the Protagonist of Stick RPG: Complete wake up earlier. They are sold for 45 dollars each at the Funkytown Five-O Convenience Store, and, combined with a CD Alarm Clock, can make the player wake up with the clock at 00:00 hours.

What can you do in Stick RPG?

Stick RPG is a fun, fiction RPG game where you can survive by drug dealing, bar fights, or bank robberies. When you start the game you are given three choices you can choose from. Those three choices include how long you want your game to last.

What is the max stats in Stick RPG 2?

The player’s character will start out with a total of 35 points to distribute between 3 stats: Strength, Charm and Intelligence. The minimum number of points each stat needs is 5, so the maximum number of points you can allocate to one stat is 25.

How do you get a car in Stick RPG?

A yellow car will always be present next to your apartment in Stick RPG. Once the player has +350 Intelligence points, they can hotwire the car and press “C” to drive it.

How many days can you play stick RPG?

The game can be completed in sequences of difficulty that revolve around periods of 15 days, 40 days, 100 days, and an unlimited amount of time. Stick RPG was released by Xgen Studios on January 3, 2003 1. Since then, it has been played over 37 million times by players around the world 2 1 3.

When was stick RPG complete re-released on Newgrounds?

The game was later re-released on Newgrounds as well on April 13, 2005. During the development of Stick RPG Complete after Stick RPG’s initial release, the Xgen Studios team had also been working on Stick RPG 2, though a hiatus on the game’s production arose, and it was not completed until late 2010.

How to get a fully white alarm clock?

To get the clock fully white, you must have the CD Alarm Clock and caffeine pills. Next, you must buy the cell phone. Once you are ready to travel to different cities, you must buy the commodities first. The red guy between the pawn shop and the convenience store will sell you 1 gram of cocaine for $400.