How old is Lionel in Hart to Hart?

How old is Lionel in Hart to Hart?

86 years (1908–1994)
Lionel Stander/Age at death

How old was Robert Wagner when he did Hart to Hart?

The show aired from 1979 until 1984. “We chose to be together,” Powers, 76, told The Daily Mail about her on-screen marriage to Wagner, 89.

How many Hart to Hart movies were there?

8 Films
Hart to Hart – Movies Are Murder Collection – 8 Films.

What episode of Hart to Hart was being filmed when Natalie Wood died?

“Hart to Hart” Murder Up Their Sleeve (TV Episode 1981) – IMDb.

Is Lionel Stander still alive?

Deceased (1908–1994)
Lionel Stander/Living or Deceased

Where is Lionel buried?

Forest Lawn, California, United States
Lionel Stander/Place of burial

Where was Hart to Hart Harts and Hounds filmed?

Wrotham Park
Wrotham Park has often been used as a filming location. Wrotham Park was used in Hart to Hart, season 5, Episode 5, “Harts and Hounds” (1 November 1983).

Was Robert Wagner married to Stephanie Powers?

Speaking about the extraordinary chemistry that permeated her on-screen marriage to Robert Wagner, aka Jonathan Hart, Powers says: ‘We chose to be together. We loved each other. We adored everything about each other. ‘

Was there a Hart to Hart movie?

In 1993, almost a decade after the series ended, Wagner and Powers reunited for a series of Hart to Hart TV movies. Hart to Hart Returns (November 5, 1993) Home is Where the Hart Is (February 18, 1994) Crimes of the Hart (March 25, 1994)

How can I watch the Hart to Hart movies?

How to Watch Hart to Hart. You are able to stream Hart to Hart by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and iTunes. You are able to stream Hart to Hart for free on Tubi.

Who was William Holden’s wife?

Brenda Marshallm. 1941–1971
William Holden/Wife

Holden married actress Brenda Marshall in 1941. They had two children of their own, Peter and Scott, and raised a daughter, Virginia, from Marshall’s previous marriage.

Where was Hart to Hart from the depths of my heart filmed?

Filmed at the Kapalua Bay Hotel (now the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua) on the island of Maui in Hawai’i.

Who was Lionel Stander in Hart to Hart?

Hart to Hart and other roles. After 15 years abroad, Stander moved back to the U.S. for the role he is now most famous for: Max, the loyal butler, cook, and chauffeur to the wealthy, amateur detectives played by Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers on the 1979–1984 television series Hart to Hart…

Who was majordomo Max in Hart to Hart?

Lionel Jay Stander (January 11, 1908 – November 30, 1994) was an American actor in films, radio, theater and television. He is best remembered for his role as majordomo Max on the 1980s mystery television series Hart to Hart.

Who was the factotum in Hart to Hart?

The Hart household also includes factotum Max, played by six-times-married, once-blacklisted intellectual Stander, and adorable Löwchen pooch Freeway. Any similarities to 1934’s The Thin Man are absolutely intentional.

What kind of movies did Lionel Stander appear in?

His movie screen debut was in the comedy short Salt Water Daffy (1933) with Jack Haley and Shemp Howard. He went on to star in a number of two-reel comedy shorts produced at Vitaphone’s Brooklyn studio before moving to Hollywood in 1935, where he appeared as a character actor in many A-list features such as Nothing Sacred (1937).