Why would you go on a pilgrimage?

Why would you go on a pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey, undertaken for a spiritual purpose. Pilgrims are different from tourists: they travel for spiritual reasons, not just to relax or for fun. Pilgrimage is a search for meaning, purpose, values or truth (and in this sense, like life).

What are pilgrimage towns?

pilgrimage town is a town where people of a particular religion visit to as a part of religious devotion. its speciality is that every time anymore visits it, he/she can get knowledge about that religion .

Who went on a pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a trip you take to a famous religious place. Christians, Jews, and Muslims went on pilgrimages. Most people walked, and others rode horses or went in carts. The people in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales are a group of pilgrims traveling together to the cathedral at Canterbury in England.

Why do some people go on a pilgrimage?

People go on pilgrimage for a variety of reasons: to mark a significant birthday or milestone, to enjoy exercise in nature, in the Middle Ages pilgrims even walked as penance for their sins. But at its best, a pilgrimage is a walk with God to a special place.

Which is the most popular pilgrimage route in Europe?

The Way of St James, France and Spain. A series of signs guide travellers along the pilgrimage route. The Way of St James (or Camino de Santiago) is arguably one of the most famous pilgrimage routes in Europe, with over 200,000 people undertaking the journey to Santiago de Compostela, the alleged resting place of St James, every year.

Can You rough it on a pilgrimage route?

Yes, you can rough it by camping along your pilgrimage route. But in this case we’re talking about the north of England, so we’ve opted for four walls and warmth! You can seek out accommodation along the way too, but being unfamiliar with the region we’ve decided knowing we have a place to stay at the end of each day is a bonus.

Which is the best pilgrimage site in India?

Located in the western Indian city of Palitana, Shatrunjaya (or Satrunjaya) Hill is the primary pilgrimage destination for followers of Jainism and home to 863 temples dedicated to the Jain religion.