Why were Lewis and Clark instructed to document the natural resources found?

Why were Lewis and Clark instructed to document the natural resources found?

Terms in this set (18) Louis and Clark realized there was no water route across the Continent. Why were Louis and Clark instructed to document the natural resources they found in their travels? So that they could determine which places were ideal places to settle. How did the Louisiana Purchase change the United States …

Who led an expedition to the Rocky Mountains in 1842 and wrote a report of his journey that became a guide for future travelers to the West?

John C. Frémont of the U.S. Army’s Corps of Topographical Engineers and his guide Kit Carson led three expeditions from 1842 to 1846 over parts of California and Oregon. His explorations were written up by him and his wife Jessie Benton Frémont and were widely published.

How were the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Pike expedition similar?

It was similar because it was an exploration but it was different because they were different parts of the country. 3.) describe how the sequence of Lewis and Clark expedition related to the Zebulon pike. In mid-July 1806 Lewis and Clark were on their way back from the Pacific.

How did the United States acquire the land that Lewis and Clark explored quizlet?

How did the United States acquire the land that Lewis and Clark explored? They bought it from the kingdom of France. You just studied 10 terms!

What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–06) was a U.S. military expedition, led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark, to explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest. The expedition was a major chapter in the history of American exploration.

Who explored the Rocky Mountains and Colorado?

John Williams Gunnison
John W. Gunnison. John Williams Gunnison (1812–53) was a nineteenth-century US Army officer and explorer. In 1853 he was charged with finding a railroad route across the Rocky Mountains, and while carrying out his mission he explored the Western Slope of Colorado.

Who was an English botanist who explored mainly in eastern Oklahoma and wrote that he was impressed with Oklahoma?

An expedition eight years later, undertaken as a private enterprise by the noted English botanist Thomas Nuttall, substantiated the growing sense that Oklahoma was a place of natural wonder and economic promise.

Why did Jefferson authorize the Lewis and Clark expedition?

President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the expedition shortly after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 to explore and to map the newly acquired territory, to find a practical route across the western half of the continent, and to establish an American presence in this territory before European powers attempted to …

What is the significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

The Importance Of The Expedition The accomplishments of the Lewis and Clark Expedition were extensive. It altered the imperial struggle for the control of North America, particularity in the Pacific Northwest. It strengthened the U.S. claim to the areas now known as the states of Oregon and Washington.

How did the US acquire the land explored by Lewis and Clark?

Q. How did the United States acquire the land explored by Lewis and Clark? They won it from the British in the American Revolution. They defeated Indians in many battles.

What did the Lewis and Clark Expedition bring back?

For example, the expedition provided extensive facts on the Northwest’s natural resources. Lewis and Clark were able to document over 100 animal species and over 170 plants. They also brought back information on the size, minerals, and the geology of the area.

Where did Lewis and Clark write their first report?

The First Report. While waiting out the winter, Lewis and Clark had the Corps built Fort Mandan near present-day Washburn, North Dakota, where they stayed until April 1805. During this time, Lewis and Clark wrote their first report to President Jefferson. In it, they chronicled 108 plant species and 68 mineral types.

Why was the pipe tomahawk important to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Pipe tomahawks are artifacts unique to North America—created by Europeans as trade objects but often exchanged as diplomatic gifts. They are powerful symbols of the choice Europeans and Indians faced whenever they met: one end was the pipe of peace, the other an axe of war.

Who was the Secretary of Treasury during the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

When the president suggested including expedition funding in his regular address to Congress, Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1761–1849) urged that the request be made in secret. The message purported to focus on the state of Indian trade and mentioned the proposed western expedition near the end of the document. Thomas Jefferson.