Why do students perform poorly in biology?

Why do students perform poorly in biology?

Students perform poorly in biology because; the biology classes are usually too large and heterogeneous in terms of ability level. Snezana et al. (2011) outlined in his study that academic achievement in lessons began with experiment or slide demonstration was higher than lessons beginning with lecture method.

What are some factors that can affect students academic performance?

Students’ academic performance is affected by several factors which include students’ learning skills, parental background, peer influence, teachers’ quality, learning infrastructure among others.

What are the factors that affect students?

Factors that Influence Students’ Motivation in Education

  • Class and Curriculum Structure.
  • Teacher Behavior and Personality.
  • Teaching Methods.
  • Parental Habits and Involvement.
  • Family Issues and Instability.
  • Peer Relationships.
  • Learning Environment.
  • Assessment.

What causes poor performance in science?

The study found out that the factors influences poor performance were; Inadequate number of teachers, Lack of teaching and learning materials, Poor teaching methods (theory) and students’ attitudes towards science subjects.

What are the factors affecting the poor performance of students in science education?

What are the causes of student poor academic performance in higher institution?

There are several causes leading to poor academic performance in school….Such students are planning to fail and if they managed to pass at all, they end up on the average.

  • Improper timetable:
  • Inadequate study time:
  • Financial constraint:
  • Lack of study materials:
  • Broken home:
  • Doubt:
  • Lack of trust in God:
  • Discouragement:

What are the factors affecting students performance in online learning?

Findings indicated that online learner participation and patterns of participation were influenced by the following factors: technology and interface characteristics, content-area experience, student roles and instructional tasks, and information overload. There may be a reciprocal relationship among these factors.

Why Most students perform poorly in sciences as compared to humanities?

The main findings of this study showed that among many other reasons the common reasons that contribute to poor performance are poor methodology in science education, negative attitude towards science subjects among students and lack of resources such as text books and well equipped laboratories.

What are causes and effects of poor academic performance?

The causes for poor academic performance can be external or internal. External causes include: school environment, social interaction, teachers and teaching techniques. While internal causes may involve problems at home, as well as children’s emotional state and maturity.

What are the 3 factors affecting performance?

The key factors that influence employee performances are:

  • Job Satisfaction.
  • Training and Development.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Goals and Expectations.
  • Tools and Equipment.
  • Morale and Company culture.