Why did Matthew Flinders decide to explore Australia?

Why did Matthew Flinders decide to explore Australia?

In July 1799, Governor Hunter instructed Matthew Flinders to sail north as far as Hervey Bay, near Bundaberg in present-day Queensland, to locate any rivers which would allow entrance to the inland. Flinders sailed again on Norfolk, with his brother, Samuel (now a 16-year-old), and a crew of eight.

Where did Matthew Flinders go on his journey?

Flinders entered the Royal Navy in 1789 and became a navigator. In 1795 he sailed to Australia, where he explored and charted its southeast coast and circumnavigated the island of Tasmania. As commander of the Investigator, he again sailed from England for Australia in 1801.

Why did Bass and Flinders explore?

Australia in the 1790s The navigator Matthew Flinders (1774–1814), an officer of the Royal Navy, and ship’s surgeon George Bass (1771–1803?), met on the HMS Reliance on their way to New South Wales. They discovered that they shared a love of sea and land exploration.

How old was Matthew Flinders when he started exploring?

He entered the navy at 15 years of age, served under William Bligh on a voyage to Tahiti in 1791 and fought against the French in the naval battle of the Glorious First of June 1794. In 1795 Flinders sailed to Australia, where he carried out vital coastal survey work.

What did Matthew Flinders take on his journey?

After sailing with the famous Captain Bligh on the Providence, Flinders’ adventures brought him to Australia onboard the Reliance. In 1796 he explored the coastline around Sydney in a tiny open boat called Tom Thumb. He next proved that Tasmania was an island by finding and sailing through Bass Strait.

Who Travelled with Matthew Flinders?

Flinders spent 12 weeks in Sydney resupplying and enlisting further crew for the continuation of the expedition to the northern coast of Australia. Bungaree, an Aboriginal man who had accompanied him on his earlier coastal survey in 1799, joined the expedition as did another local Aboriginal man named Nanbaree.

Was Matthew Flinders married?

Ann Chappellem. 1801–1814
Matthew Flinders/Spouse

How many years did Matthew Flinders explore for?

Though the voyage was expected to take four years, the couple were not to see one another for nine. Flinders sailed from England on 18 July 1801 and less than six months later arrived at Point Leeuwin – Australia’s south-western tip.

What killed Matthew Flinders?

Kidney disease
Matthew Flinders/Cause of death
Flinders died, aged 40, on 19 July 1814 from kidney disease, at his London home at 14 London Street, later renamed Maple Street and now the site of the BT Tower.

What did Flinders discover?

British explorer Matthew Flinders was the first person to circumnavigate Australia. Flinders charted much previously unknown coastline and the maps he produced were the first to accurately depict Australia as we now know it. Flinders proved Australia was a single continent.

What was the name of Matthew Flinders cat?

Matthew Flinders literally put Australia on the map, but he didn’t do it alone — he was helped by a cat called Trim. Trim was born in 1799 on board HMS Reliance on Flinders’ voyage from the Cape of Good Hope to Botany Bay.

What did Matthew Flinders do for a living?

Leader of the first circumnavigation of Australia, Matthew Flinders mapped an entire continent and gave it its name. His passion for the sea lead him to a life dedicated to discovery.

Why was Flinders important to the history of Australia?

Flinders charted much previously unknown coastline and the maps he produced were the first to accurately depict Australia as we now know it. Flinders proved Australia was a single continent. By using the term ‘Australia’ in his maps and writings, he helped the word enter common usage. Flinders in Voyage to Terra Australis, 1814:

When did Flinders sail on his first voyage?

His most successful voyage came between 1801 and 1803 when he charted the coastline of Australia, completing and linking together other partial surveys to give us the first complete picture of our island nation. Flinders recorded his voyage on the HMS Investigator.

Where did Matthew Flinders get the name Flindersia?

Flindersia is a genus of 14 species of tree in the citrus family. Named by Investigator’s botanist, Robert Brown in honour of Matthew Flinders. Flinders landed on Coochiemudlo Island on 19 July 1799, while he was searching for a river in the southern part of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia.