Who were the starting pitchers for the Detroit Tigers in 1984?

Who were the starting pitchers for the Detroit Tigers in 1984?

Which pitchers from the 1984 Detroit Tigers were their primary starters, closers and relievers? SP Juan Berenguer, SP Jack Morris, SP Dan Petry, SP Dave Rozema, SP Milt Wilcox, RP Doug Bair, RP Aurelio Lopez, CL Willie Hernandez.

How many saves did willie Hernandez have in 1984?

32 saves
His 32 saves came in 33 opportunities. Hernández won the 1984 American League Cy Young Award, beating out Dan Quisenberry. He also became one of the few relievers to ever win the Most Valuable Player Award (the others are Jim Konstanty, Rollie Fingers, and Dennis Eckersley), edging out Kent Hrbek.

Who led the Tigers in strikeouts in 1965?

Denny McLain
June 15, 1965: Denny McLain sets Tigers record with 14 strikeouts in relief. On Tuesday, June 15, 1965, majestic Tiger Stadium held 9,624 spectators who witnessed one of the most historic pitching accomplishments in Detroit Tigers history.

Is Willie Hernandez in the Hall of Fame?

So counting Konstanty, only 10 relief pitchers have managed to rise to the heights that Willie Hernandez achieved in 1984. Three of them are in the Hall of Fame: Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley, and Bruce Sutter….Willie Hernandez.

Pitcher Bruce Sutter
W-L 14-14
IP 229.2
H 217
BB 61

Who was the MVP of the 1984 World Series?

Alan Trammell
The 81st edition of the World Series, it was a best-of-seven playoff played between the American League (AL) champion Detroit Tigers and the National League (NL) champion San Diego Padres. The Tigers won the series, four games to one….

1984 World Series
MVP Alan Trammell (Detroit)

Who won the 1984 World Series in baseball?

Detroit Tigers
1984 World Series/Champion

How much is a Willie Hernandez baseball card worth?

Willie Hernandez Baseball Trading Card Values

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Who is Guillermo Hernandez?

Guillermo Hernandez, a leading authority on the corrido — a Mexican ballad tradition that dates back more than two centuries — and an expert on Chicano literature who helped establish an expansive collection of Mexican and Mexican American music recordings at UCLA, has died. He was 66.

Who pitched in the 1984 World Series?

In addition to Morris, the pitching staff was anchored by starters Dan Petry and Milt Wilcox, with eventual Cy Young Award and Most Valuable Player winner, Willie Hernández (9–3, 1.92 ERA, 32 saves), closing.

Who won the 1987 World Series?

Minnesota Twins
1987 World Series/Champion

Who was the manager of the 1968 Detroit Tigers?

Mayo Smith
1968 Detroit Tigers season

1968 Detroit Tigers
Other information
Owner(s) John Fetzer
General manager(s) Jim Campbell
Manager(s) Mayo Smith

Did the Detroit Tigers won the 1984 World Series?

The 1984 Detroit Tigers won the 1984 World Series, defeating the San Diego Padres, 4 games to 1. The season was their 84th since they entered the American League in 1901.