Who were Captain Thunderbolts parents?

Who were Captain Thunderbolts parents?

Michael Ward
Sophia Jane Elizabeth Ann Ward
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When was Frederick Ward born?

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Frederick Ward was the son of convict Michael Ward, (“Indefatigable” 1815) and his wife Sophia, and was born in 1835, the youngest of ten around the time his parents moved from Wilberforce, New South Wales to nearby Windsor.

Why is Captain Thunderbolt still known today?

Frederick Wordsworth Ward (1835 – 25 May 1870), better known by the self-styled pseudonym of Captain Thunderbolt, was an Australian bushranger renowned for escaping from Cockatoo Island, and also for his reputation as the “gentleman bushranger” and his lengthy survival, being the longest roaming bushranger in …

Who was known as Captain Thunderbolt in Australia?

Frederick Ward (1835-1870), bushranger, alias ‘Captain Thunderbolt’, was born at Windsor, New South Wales.

Where is the grave of Captain Thunderbolt Ward?

Frederick Wordsworth Ward, alias?Captain Thunderbolt?, was buried in the Uralla Cemetery where his grave can still be seen today. Ward was involved in more than eighty major hold-ups and robberies, which were reported to be worth about?20,000.

Who was Fred Ward’s master in Thunderbolts?

His “master” was in fact his blackguard nephew, John Garbutt, who was responsible for stealing at least five mobs of horses and cattle in the northern districts in early 1856. [4] Clearly, Fred was no innocent victim of a dastardly plot, as some Thunderbolt writers like to claim.

What was the cause of Captain Thunderbolt’s death?

Death of Thunderbolt. On 25 May 1870, after allegedly robbing travellers near the Big Rock, Ward was shot and killed by Constable Alexander Binney Walker at Kentucky Creek near Uralla. His capture and death followed a difficult pursuit of several miles through rough terrain.