Who ordered the attack on the Nek?

Who ordered the attack on the Nek?

As part of the diversionary effort for the August Offensive, the 3rd Light Horse was ordered to attack the Turkish trenches at the Nek at 4.30am on 7 August to support an attack on Baby 700 by New Zealand troops who were to have captured Chunuk Bair the previous evening.

Why did the battle of Chunuk Bair happen?

August offensive The failure of the Allies to capture Krithia or make any progress on the Cape Helles front, led General Ian Hamilton, commander of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF) to pursue a new plan to secure the Sari Bair Range and capture the high ground of Hill 971 and Chunuk Bair.

How many Anzacs died at Chunuk Bair?

Over the two days on Chunuk Bair, New Zealand suffered nearly 2,500 casualties, including over 800 dead. Over the five days of the August Offensive, 6-10 August, over 880 New Zealanders were killed and close to 2,500 wounded.

When did Wellington Battalion capture Chunuk Bair?

8 August 1915
8 August 1915 The high point of the New Zealand effort at Gallipoli, the capture of Chunuk Bair underlined the leadership qualities of Lieutenant-Colonel William Malone. Two columns of the New Zealand Infantry Brigade carried out the attack, which began on 6 August.

Who was the Turkish leader in the Gallipoli campaign?

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
The struggle formed the basis for the Turkish War of Independence and the declaration of the Republic of Turkey eight years later, with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who rose to prominence as a commander at Gallipoli, as founder and president.

Who was involved in the Battle of Chunuk Bair?

The New Zealand troops were relieved by 8:00 pm on 9 August by the 6th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, and 5th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, who were massacred and driven off the summit in the early morning of 10 August, by an Ottoman counter-attack led by Mustafa Kemal .

Why did the Ottomans not attack Chunuk Bair?

The Ottoman senior commanders did not expect an attack at Chunuk Bair as it felt that the rugged terrain was unsuitable for an attack. However, the commanding officer of the section, Mustafa Kemal, commander of the Ottoman 19th Division, anticipated an attack. He felt that the peak of Chunuk Bair was especially vulnerable.

Who was shot at Anzac Cove 25 April 1915?

Captain Harry Davies went ashore with the 15th Battalion on 25 April 1915 and took this photograph at the landing. He was shot in the ankle during the charge from the 4th Brigade lines on 28 April and returned to Australia on 10 June 1915. Adapted from Denis Winter’s 1994 book, 25 April 1915: The Inevitable Tragedy.