Who made Western field guns?

Who made Western field guns?

The original gun was made by Fabrique National of Belgium and was sold as a Browning Auto-5. Others were made by Remington Arms Company and sold as their Model 11. Savage and Stevens Arms company got the rights to make the gun . Depending on the details of the gun it could be a Savage Model 30.33 or 35.

Who made Western Field 22?

While Ward’s had many . 22 rifles branded as a “Western Field”, only two gunmakers supplied over 98% of the . 22’s for Ward’s, during the era your rifle was made – Mossberg and Savage/Stevens/Springfield.

Who made guns for Montgomery Ward?

Into the 1980s, many retailers sold high quality firearms that were rebranded under license from major manufacturers. Montgomery Ward carried a line of firearms under the Western Field brand that were made by Savage/Stevens, Mossberg, Marlin, Glenfield, Springfield, High Standard and others.

Who made Western field pump shotguns?

When did Western Auto stop selling guns?

Western Auto

Type Subsidiary
Founded 1909
Founder George Pepperdine
Defunct 2003 as brand
Successor Advance Auto Parts

Who made Sears firearms?

Who made Sears and Roebuck rifles? I have a 12 ga. O/U sold as the Sears and Roebuck Brand. It was made by Antonio Zoli, a fairly reputable Italian gun company.

Who owned Western Auto?

Sears, Roebuck & Company
In another big step into specialty retailing, Sears, Roebuck & Company said today that it had agreed to buy the Western Auto Supply Company, a retailer and wholesaler based in Kansas City, Mo., in a deal that values the company at $402 million.

Why did Western Auto close?

In October 2003, Advance Auto notified the Western Auto Supply Company that by January 2004 it “would no longer supply merchandise and services to the stores in its distribution network”. This decision brought an end to the Western Auto brand name after nearly a century in business.

Who made J.C. Higgins firearms?

Shortly after World War II, Sears consolidated all of its sporting goods under the J.C. Higgins brand name. Firearms bearing the name were first manufactured in 1946. Vigne’s rifle was made by High Standard, a firearm manufacturer best known for producing .

Who made the Ranger 22 caliber rifle?

Christensen Arms®
Designed for precision shooters, the Christensen Arms® Ranger 22 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle is a feature-rich precision rifle, offering sub-MOA accuracy at 50 yards.

Are there any Western Auto stores left in the United States?

Most of the remaining Western Auto stores in the United States were converted to Advance Auto stores by 2003. However, there are a few former franchises that retain the name, such as a store in Newport, Tennessee.

Who made wizard tools?

Western Auto
The Wizard and Westcraft Era: 1940s Onward. In 1940 Western Auto began using the “Wizard” brand for tools, a brand it had previously used for a variety of auto supplies and accessories. Sometime later the “Westcraft” brand also came into use.