Who is on the Carter 3 album cover?

Who is on the Carter 3 album cover?

Lil Uzi, Chance, More Recreate Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III Cover. Lil Wayne’s 2008 album Tha Carter III celebrates its 10th anniversary today. As a tribute, Chance the Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla Sign, Migos, Young M.A., YG, and many others have recreated its iconic cover with their baby photos.

Is Lil Wayne on the cover of The Carter 3?

Lil’ Wayne’s incredible album ‘Tha Carter III’ was released in 2008 and features a baby picture of the rapper on its cover. The artwork was seemingly inspired by Nas’s ‘Illmatic’ and Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Ready to Die’, both of which featured baby pictures of their makers.

Who is on the cover of Tha Carter IV?

Lil Wayne recently revealed the cover art for his new album, Tha Carter IV. Inspired by art from Tha Carter III, the cover features Lil Wayne’s kindergarten graduation picture. However, his face and neck are covered with tattoos, courtesy of Photoshop.

Who is the baby on Lil Wayne album cover?

It was Mr. Carter’s world, and we were just living in it. Living in the shadow of Wayne’s greatness was Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, his own story brewing across the country in the hot sun of Compton, California.

When did the Carter 4 come out?

August 29, 2011
Tha Carter IV/Release date

When did Tha Carter 3 come out?

June 10, 2008
Tha Carter III/Release date

When did Lil Wayne Drop no ceilings?

No Ceilings is a mixtape by American rapper Lil Wayne. It was scheduled to be released on October 31, 2009, but was leaked before the official date. No Ceilings was officially released on October 31, 2009, with 4 additional tracks.

How much did Lil Wayne make Carter 3?

His Carter III tour earned him $42 million in one year. No wonder with so much to do, Lil Wayne earns in millions.

Did Lil Wayne Funeral go platinum?

Funeral joins Wayne’s Tha Carter III, I Am Not A Human Being, Tha Carter IV and the aforementioned Carter V as No. All of the chart-topping entries in his Carter series have been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America while I Am Not A Human Being received a gold certification.

Did the Carter 4 go platinum?

On September 25, 2020, the album was certified five times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for combined sales and album-equivalent units of over of five million units in the United States.

Who is the kid on the Illmatic cover?

Just five months after Nas released Illmatic, the Notorious B.I.G. took a similar approach to his own classic debut. The child shown in the photo, Keithroy Yearwood, was chosen for his resemblance to a baby Biggie, and the album is similarly autobiographical, opening with the (dramatized) sound of Biggie’s birth.

Why does Lil Wayne have so many tattoos?

Meaning: Wayne believes that he is music so he got a tattoo reading ‘I AM MUSIC’ above his eyebrow. Amidst all the other louder and angrier tattoos scattered around his body, it’s easy to miss one of his more subtle statements. With three very simple words, he reminds us of his real purpose in life: to entertain.