Who is Lauren Crace married to?

Who is Lauren Crace married to?

Michael Stevensonm. 2016
Lauren Crace/Spouse

What is Lauren Crace doing now?

Lauren is best known for playing Danielle Jones in Albert Square. Since leaving Walford, Lauren has continued to work as an actress, landing roles in Sherlock, Holby City and Shameless.

How old is Lauren Crace?

35 years (May 25, 1986)
Lauren Crace/Age

How did Elizabeth Berkley meet Greg?

Greg and Elizabeth Berkley got married in 2003 after the duo met at a dance class in 2000. Elizabeth found fame in the late 80s and early 90s as Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell. Greg reciprocates the adoration, claiming he brags about his wife, who was his childhood crush, when he can.

When did Ronnie find out Danielle is her daughter?

October 2008
Reception. Throughout the storyline the ratings were around seven or eight million; rising to around 9 million for the episode in October 2008 revealing that Danielle was Ronnie’s daughter.

Who is Elizabeth Berkley married to?

Greg Laurenm. 2003
Elizabeth Berkley/Spouse

Who is Elizabeth Berkley Lauren husband?

Elizabeth Berkley/Husband
On November 1, 2003, Berkley married artist and actor Greg Lauren at the Esperanza Hotel in Cabo San Lucas.

Who is Danielle Mitchell’s dad?

Ronnie gave birth to Danielle when she was just 14. Her malevolent father, Archie, forced Ronnie to give her up, and convinced her that she was dead. Timid, and scared of rejection, Danielle didn’t show many signs of being a Mitchell.

Who was the father of Ronnies baby?

In May 2008, during a quarrel with Roxy, Ronnie broke down and admitted to Peggy that she had fallen pregnant aged 14 and given birth to a daughter that she named Amy on 23 June 1989 and that her father Archie (Larry Lamb) had given Amy up for adoption just hours after she was born.

Where did Elizabeth Berkley go to high school?

North Farmington High School1990
University of California, Los AngelesCranbrook Schools
Elizabeth Berkley/Education
She graduated in 1990 from North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills after attending the Cranbrook Kingswood School, a private school in Bloomfield Hills. From a young age, she danced, and practiced in a room her parents arranged for her in the basement.

How old is Elizabeth Perkins?

60 years (November 18, 1960)
Elizabeth Perkins/Age
Elizabeth Perkins, 60, is a stage, TV and film actress who has starred in “Big,” “Weeds” (Showtime) and “Truth Be Told” (Apple TV+).

How long has Elizabeth Berkley been married?

Elizabeth Berkley
Years active 1986–present
Spouse(s) Greg Lauren ​ ( m. 2003)​
Children 1
Awards NBR Award for Best Cast 1996 The First Wives Club