Which crop should be grown in high rainfall areas?

Which crop should be grown in high rainfall areas?

Out of which here we will elaborate more about Kharif crops which are also known as monsoon crops. Kharif crops are grown in wet and hot conditions. For instance, rice, maize, bajra, corn, & peas are few of the Kharif crops grown during monsoons in India.

What were the main crops in warmer climates?

Warm-season veggies require both warm soil and high temperatures (with a little cooling at night) to grow steadily and produce crops. They include traditional summer crops such as snap beans, corn, cucumbers, melons, peppers, tomatoes, and squash.

What type of climate is best for growing crops?

Agriculturally suitable lands have adequate precipitation and moderate temperatures as well as good soils. Farmers regularly have to contend with wet and dry events to grow crops, even in hospitable climates.

What crops Cannot grow in hot weather?

Cool-Weather Crops These plants don’t tolerate hot weather. In the vegetable garden, it’s the cool weather crops — lettuce, spinach, arugula, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, peas, cilantro — that suffer in hot weather.

Which crop is best in rainy season?

Here’s a list of vegetables that you can grow in the rainy season:

  • Cucumber.
  • Tomato.
  • Radish.
  • Beans.
  • Green Chillies.
  • Brinjal.
  • Okra.

Which crop grows well in hot and humid climate with a temperature of 20 C to 30 C and annual rainfall between 25cm and 100cm?

Rice is a tropical crop and grown where the average temperature during the growing season is between 20°C and 27°C.

Which crop grows in hot and wet climate?

Complete answer: A hot and wet climate is favorable for the growing of rice. Rice is grown within the months of April to October which incorporates summer and rainy seasons providing an essential hot and wet climate. Hence rice may be a Kharif crop.

Which crops grow in rainy season?

Hint: Crops grown in India during the rainy season are called kharif crops which are also known as monsoon crops like rice, paddy, and cotton plants. yield. Example rice, jowar, bajra, paddy, maize, etc.

Which crops grow in summer?

Crops grown in summer are Paddy, Corn, etc. Other examples of Summer crops are Pumpkin, Cucumber, Bitter Rice, Corn, Cucumber, Melon, Pepper, Tomato, and some coarse Cereals sown during March and are generally harvested by June end.

What grows well in heat?

Summer may be thought of as gardening season, but for certain vegetables, midsummer is just too hot. Veggies like broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, as well as herbs such as cilantro and parsley, love the cool, short days of spring and fall.

Can I plant in hot weather?

Summer isn’t as ideal of a time to plant as spring or early fall, but with a few precautions, most plants will do fine. Peak sunlight and searing heat are added stressors on young plants with small roots, not to mention, summer soil tends to be drier.

What grows in rainy season?