Where is lofty now?

Lofty returns to Walford in February 2019, and reveals that in the 31 years he has been away from Walford that he now owns fifteen pubs, all well away from Walford, though he still keeps an eye on The Vic.

Why is lofty back in EastEnders?

E astEnders fans were left delighted after two familiar faces returned to the Square after decades away. Lofty, played by Tom Watt, and Mary, played by Linda Davidson, returned to Walford to commemorate the late Dr Legg and comfort his closest friend Dot Branning.

Was there a lofty in EastEnders?

Lifelong EastEnders fans will remember Lofty Holloway. He was one of the the soap’s original characters way back when it launched in February 1985 but he departed in April 1988, although the he did pop up in Walford for the funeral of Doctor Legg in 2019.

What happened Tom Watts?

Watt is currently an advisory board member for BounceBack, a charity that trains ex offenders.

Who married Michelle in EastEnders?

After Sharon leaves Walford, Michelle and Grant have an argument over Sharon and they have a one-night stand. Michelle falls pregnant. Michelle is offered a job in Alabama and emigrates there. Off-screen, she marries a man named Tim.

Who is lofty?

Lofty is a good word for describing something that’s high above the ground, or someone who acts like she’s high above everyone else. Dating from the 15th century, lofty originally meant “exalted,” or spiritually high, but soon came to mean physically high as well.

Who played Mary the punk in Eastenders?

Linda Davidson
She played the wayward punk Mary Smith in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders. Mary was one of the serial’s original characters; Davidson played her from March 1985 to May 1988 and again for one episode in 2019….

Linda Davidson
Known for Role of Mary Smith in Eastenders (1985–1988, 2019)
Children 1

Who is Sharon from EastEnders married to?

Letitia Jane Dean (born 14 November 1967) is an English actress known for her portrayal of Sharon Watts in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders. An original cast member from 1985 to 1995, she reprised the role from 2001 to 2006, and again from 2012….

Letitia Dean
Spouse(s) Jason Pethers (m. 2002; sep. 2007)

What football team does Tom Watt support?

He’s been an Arsenal supporter for over 50 years. In a series of interviews with Prost, Tom gives his views about a range of issues.

What happened to Michelle Fowler’s daughter Vicky?

Den talks to Sharon alone, trying to persuade her to stay. Vicki overhears him say he does not love Vicki as much as he loves Sharon. Deciding she cannot live with such a father, Vicki decides to return to her mother in America. It is later revealed that she has moved to Australia and reunited with Spencer.

Did Michelle and Geoff get married in EastEnders?

Michelle frequently commented that the relationship lacked “passion” and although they planned to marry, Geoff realized that Michelle did not love him and “nobly” finished with her. Geoff remained a regular character for a year, and was eventually written out in April 1995, following his split from Michelle.

Can a person be lofty?

Is the actor who plays Lofty Holloway still in EastEnders?

In 2019, Watt reprised his role as Lofty Holloway in EastEnders for one episode, for the funeral of Harold Legg. After leaving EastEnders, Watt began presenting sports segments for Channel 4, Radio 1, Radio 3, Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT, and Cable TV.

When did lofty come to Walford in EastEnders?

Lofty arrives in Walford in late February 1985. Originally he seems a confident man who was on the ball, it soon transpired that underneath he was easily lead and was sucked into the nasty schemes of Nick Cotton. Lofty became a bit of a doormat. When Michelle goes to the café after visiting a clinic and Lofty sits with Michelle.

What did Tom Watt do after leaving EastEnders?

After leaving EastEnders, Watt began presenting sports segments for Channel 4, Radio 1, Radio 3, Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT, and Cable TV. He has also written, presented and produced several documentaries about football for BT Sport Films, including the Football Outposts series.

Who was the actress who played Angie in EastEnders?

Personal life. Watt was once romantically involved with his EastEnders castmate Anita Dobson, who played Angie Watts.