Where is Kim Coles now?

Where is Kim Coles now?

Kim Coles (Synclaire James-Jones) In recent years the actress found success as host of BET’s game show Pay It Off and was part of TBS’ comedy 10 Items or Less. Presently Coles continues acting and making guest star appearances on television.

What happened on the last episode of Living Single?

January 1, 1998
Living Single/Final episode date

Who is Kim Coles husband?

Reggie Mckiverm. 2015–2019
Aton Edwardsm. 1985–1995
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How old is Kim Coles?

59 years (January 11, 1962)
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Why did Kylie leave Living Single?

Actor T.C. Carson, who you may know as Kyle Barker from the Living Single series, says he was fired from the TV show after accusing Warner Bros. His firing came because he constantly spoke up about their show not getting the attention that was being given to Friends.

Was Maxine pregnant on Living Single?

To the thrill of fans, he returned in the finale episode in an ironic plot twist: Maxine is pregnant with her first child after utilizing a local sperm bank – only to discover that Kyle is the anonymous donor. The final season was only 13 episodes and many fans were disappointed by the feeling they felt it was rushed.

Who died from Living Single?

Thomas Mikal Ford
Died October 12, 2016 (aged 52) Newnan, Georgia, U.S.
Other names Tommy Ford
Education University of Southern California
Occupation Actor comedian

Who is Kim Coles married to from Living Single?

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Does Actress Kim Coles have children?

In 2019, Kim Coles, a stand-up comedian, was in the news after she filed for divorce from Reggie McKiver, her husband of four years. The two had no kids in their union, and Coles requested no spousal support. Reggie McKiver and Kim Coles got married in 2015 and celebrated in an intimate Dominican ceremony.

What is Kim Coles nationality?

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How old is Kyle Barker from Living Single?

Episode Count Born September 17 1982 age 33.

Why did Kyle Barker leave Living Single?

Living Single actor T.C. Carson, who played Kyle Barker on the series, says he was fired from the show after calling out Warner Bros. for neglecting the show in favor of Friends. Carson says he would often speak on behalf of the cast when they were forced to confront producers about issues on set.