Where did Lee Maye play in the major leagues?

Where did Lee Maye play in the major leagues?

He played eleven seasons in the majors as an outfielder for the Milwaukee Braves (1959–1965), Houston Astros (1965–1966), Cleveland Indians (1967–1969), Washington Senators (1969–1970), and Chicago White Sox (1970–1971). Maye was also well known as a rhythm & blues singer.

How old was Lee May when he joined the Reds?

Lee May was born on Tuesday, March 23, 1943, in Birmingham, Alabama. May was 22 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 1, 1965, with the Cincinnati Reds.

What was Roberto Maye’s career batting average?

Maye’s career totals include 1,288 games played, 1,109 hits, 94 home runs, 419 RBI, and a lifetime batting average of .274. Maye sang in a tenor and falsetto.

How many home runs did Lee May hit?

Lee May was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame in July 2006 and finished his big league career with 354 home runs. In Sport Magazine, August 1972, Page 70, (Arnold Hano, ‘Lee May, the Man Behind the Astros Surge’) May said, “I deliberately try to hit a home run every time up.

Who was the scout for the Milwaukee Braves?

Milwaukee Braves scout Johnny Moore not only saw his potential as a hitter with line drive power but clocked him in the 100-yard dash at under 10-seconds. Moore convinced the Braves to draft and sign him. Arthur Lee Maye later explained, “Baseball was my first love.

What are fielding stats in Major League Baseball?

Fielding stats are a combination of official records and RetroSheet records. Both are likely to have substantial errors and will not match perfectly. Leagues historically made no effort to balance team, league, and player fielding stats.

When did Arthur Lee Maye record’moonlight’?

In the mid-1980s, Maye returned to the recording studio with Dave Antrel and his Antrel Records, recording “Moonlight” b/w “Happy and In Love.” “Moonlight” captured the later, early 1960s New York street corner sound. Arthur Lee Maye was very proud of “Moonlight.”