Where did John Oxley go on his expedition?

Where did John Oxley go on his expedition?

Oxley’s 1823 expedition to Brisbane River In 1823, Governor Brisbane sent Oxley north by boat in search of a site for an alternative penal settlement for the most difficult convicts.

What places did Oxley explore?

John Oxley, in full John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley, (born 1783/85?, near Westow, Yorkshire, England—died May 26, 1828, Kirkham, Australia), surveyor-general and explorer who played an important part in the exploration of eastern Australia and also helped open up Van Diemen’s Land (later Tasmania).

What route did John Oxley?

From 6 July Oxley’s party proceeded north-east until they discovered the Castlereagh River, then turning east they found the rich Liverpool Plains, reached and named the Peel River, crossed the southern part of the New England Range near Walcha, found the Hastings River and followed it to its estuary which was named …

Why did Oxley explore Australia?

He had found good agricultural land, but was unable to solve the mystery of where the rivers went. By 1823, many free settlers had arrived and so another convict settlement was needed to send convicts. Oxley was sent up the coast to find such a place.

How old is John Oxley?

44 years (1784–1828)
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What did Oxley want?

Oxley’s First expedition Oxley surveyed and mapped the river and discovered good grazing land west of Bathurst. When swamps blocked his way Oxley led the explorers north and returned to Bathurst, following the Macquarie River.

What did Edward John Eyre explore?

Eyre, together with his Aboriginal companion Wylie, was the first European to traverse the coastline of the Great Australian Bight and the Nullarbor Plain by land in 1840–1841, on an almost 3,200-kilometre (2,000 mi) trip to Albany, Western Australia.

What did John Oxley take on his expedition?

Where is Oxley buried?

John Oxley died 26 May 1828 at Kirkham, near Camden, New South Wales, Australia, at the age of 42. He was buried in the Devonshire Street cemetery in Sydney.

Who were John Oxley’s parents?

Isabella Margaret Oxley
John Oxley
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What was the name of the governor who replace John Eyre?

In Jamaica Eyre was replaced as governor by John Peter Grant who arrived in August 1866.

How old was Edward Eyre when he died?

86 years (1815–1901)
Edward John Eyre/Age at death

On 28 May 1818 Oxley led another expedition from Bathurst and followed the Macquarie River until it too disappeared into ‘an ocean of reeds’ (Macquarie marshes).

When did John Oxley explore the Lachlan River?

1817 and 1818 Expeditions of Oxley. In March 1817 John Oxley was instructed to take charge of an expedition to explore and survey the course of the Lachlan River.

Where did John Oxley cross the Macquarie River?

They left the Lachlan at Kiacatoo up-stream of the present site of Lake Cargelligo and crossed to the Bogan River and then across to the Wellington Valley on the upper waters of the Macquarie River, which they followed back to Bathurst (arriving on 29 August 1817).

Why did John Oxley go to Jervis Bay?

Oxley’s naval experience fitted him better for coastal survey work than for inland exploration. In September-December 1819 he made a trip by sea to Jervis Bay, where he thought the country did not offer ‘the smallest inducement for the foundation of a Settlement on its shores, being … for the most part Barren and generally deficient in Water’.