When was the mountain dulcimer invented?

When was the mountain dulcimer invented?

The Mountain Dulcimer is a true American instrument. It dates back to the early 1800’s, originating in the Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia. Western Europe had many kinds of fretted lap zithers from the Norwegian Langeleik, the Swedish Hummel, and the French Epinette.

What culture is the dulcimer from?

The mountain dulcimer is an invention of Scottish and Irish pioneers. These pioneers settled in the Appalachia area of North America. It’s from this place that the instrument gets its name. The dulcimer has no direct origins in either Scotland or Ireland.

How much is a dulcimer worth?

Our dulcimers range from about $700 to about $4,500. To view, download or print a price list, click the links below. Prices can also be found on our harp and hammered dulcimer model and accessory pages.

What was the first bowed instrument?

The Arabic rabāb is the earliest known bowed instrument, and the ancestor of all European bowed instruments, including the rebec, lyra and violin.

In what country did the dulcimer originate?

The word dulcimer is Graeco-Roman, meaning “sweet song,” derived from the Latin dulcis (sweet) and the Greek melos (song). The dulcimer’s origin is uncertain, but tradition holds it was invented in Iran some 2000 years ago, where it is called a Santur (cf. the folkloric Kashmiri Santoor).

How did the dulcimer get to Appalachia?

The Appalachian dulcimer was forged in the melting pot of the wagon roads and river routes of the frontier. The Scots and Irish settlers could hear the drone of the pipes in this sturdy and easily constructed zither and the English found it to be an appropriate accompaniment to their ballads and laments.

Is the dulcimer mentioned in the Bible?

The dulcimer is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Daniel 3:5, 10, and 15 where King Nebuchadnezzar used the dulcimer “in symphony” with other instruments to command Shad’rach, Me’shach, and Abed’-Nego to worship the golden idol he had created.

Where did the dulcimer originate from?

United States
Appalachian dulcimer/Place of origin

Who invented dulcimer?

The most elaborate of dulcimers is certainly the cimbalom, developed around the end of the 19th century in Hungary. This instrument is a mainstay in the music of the Hungarian gypsies and is used as a concert instrument.

What key is a dulcimer in?

There are two common tunings for mountain dulcimer, DAA and DAD. In DAA, the bass string is tuned to D with the middle and paired melody strings tuned to A. In DAD, the bass string is tuned to D with the middle string tuned to A….Modes and Tunings for the Mountain Dulcimer.

Major Modes Minor Modes
Ionian Dorian

Why is horse hair used for bows?

Horsehair absorbs water quickly and this can affect your bow considerably. In different temperature and humidity conditions the hair can react in different ways. At P&H we always use high quality unbleached horsehair to ensure the best sound for our bows.

What stringed instrument dates back thousands of years?

Harp. Harp was another musical instrument which was immensely popular in medieval ages. As a musical instrument, harp precedes the medieval ages by thousands of years, being a primary string instrument in use in different parts of the world.

When did the dulcimer first appear in the Appalachian Mountains?

Although the Appalachian dulcimer first appeared in the early 19th century among Scots-Irish immigrant communities in the Appalachian Mountains, the instrument has no known precedent in Ireland or Scotland. Because of this, and a dearth of written records, the history of the Appalachian dulcimer has been, until fairly recently, largely speculative.

Where did the first dulcimer instrument come from?

The dulcimer first appeared among Scottish and Irish immigrants during the early nineteenth in the Appalachian Mountains. However, the instrument has no known predecessor in either Scotland or Ireland. Because of this, a large part of the dulcimer’s history has been speculative until fairly recently.

How many strings are in an Appalachian dulcimer?

The vast majority of Appalachian dulcimers are single-neck, single player instruments, and these have been made with anywhere from two to a dozen strings, three being the most common number on older instruments. Modern instruments typically have 3, 4, 5, or 6 strings, arranged in either three or four courses.

Who are some famous people who play the dulcimer?

One of the most famous players of the Appalachian dulcimer is, perhaps, singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, who first played the instrument on studio recordings in the late 1960s and most famously on the album Blue (1971), as well as in live concerts. Cyndi Lauper is also a high-profile mountain dulcimer player,…