When did Pedro Menendez de Aviles set sail?

When did Pedro Menendez de Aviles set sail?

July 28, 1565
On July 28, 1565, Menéndez set sail from Cádiz with a fleet led by his 600-ton flagship, the San Pelayo, accompanied by several smaller ships, and carrying over 1,000 sailors, soldiers, and settlers.

What year did Menendez de Aviles land?

On September 8th, 1565, Pedro Menendez de Avilés, who had sailed aboard the San Pelayo, formally took possession of this land in the name of the King of Spain.

What country did Pedro Menendez de Aviles sail for?

Menendez sailed from Spain in July 1565 with 11 ships and about 2,000 soldiers. They landed in Florida harbor on August 28, 1565, where they established a settlement they called St. Augustine, which is now the oldest continually-inhabited city in the United States.

What FORT did Pedro Menendez build?

Of the original 2,000 people who started the voyage, only 800 arrived on the Florida shore. With the help of the Timucuan Indians, Menendez and his men built a fort. On September 8, 1565, he officially named it St. Augustine.

Who sent Menendez de Aviles to Florida?

He was freed two years later after he had regained royal favour. Because King Philip II was disturbed by the potential threat to Spain’s possessions from a settlement of French Huguenots on a strategic part of the Florida coast, he sent Menéndez de Avilés to Florida to establish a colony there and deal with the French.

Who sponsored de Aviles?

Born into the landed gentry, he ran away to sea at age 14. In 1549 he was commissioned by the Holy Roman emperor Charles V (Charles I of Spain) to drive pirates from the coasts of Spain.

What was Aviles goal?

Menendez was a staunch Roman Catholic, and one of his goals was to convert Native Americans to the Catholic faith. He requested that all ships coming from Spain carry priests. These priests became missionaries, which led to the period of Spanish missions in Florida history.

Where did Pedro Menendez de Aviles sail from?

Sailing from Spain on July 29, 1565, Menéndez first sighted Florida off Cape Canaveral on August 28. While sailing northward he discovered a harbor on September 6 where he established a settlement and fort, naming it St. Augustine.

Who was the French explorer who attacked the Spanish?

Jean Ribault, the French explorer, knew the Spanish were busy building the fort at St. Augustine, so he took many men and ships to attack them. But severe storms hit the coast and all of Ribault’s ships wrecked in an area known today as Daytona Beach.

Who was the commander of the New Spain fleet?

In September, he received news that La Concepción, flagship of the New Spain fleet and commanded by his son Admiral Juan Menéndez, had disappeared off the coast of South Carolina, and was assumed to be dead.