What words have nn in them?

What words have nn in them?


  • announcement.
  • connectivity.
  • interconnect.
  • disconnected.
  • underpinning.
  • annihilation.
  • multichannel.
  • annunciation.

What are some 8-letter words?

8-letter words

  • absolute.
  • abstract.
  • academic.
  • accepted.
  • accident.
  • accuracy.
  • accurate.
  • achieved.

What are words that starts with N?


  • nabes.
  • nabis.
  • nabob.
  • nacho.
  • nacre.
  • nadas.
  • nadir.
  • What 8 letter word starts with a?

    8-letter words starting with A

    Aalenian Aalesund
    Abderian Abderite
    abdicant abdicate
    abdomens abdomina
    abducens abducent

    What word has YC?

    15 letter words containing yc

    • psychotherapist.
    • psychopathology.
    • neuropsychology.
    • polycrystalline.
    • orthopsychiatry.
    • neuropsychiatry.
    • countercyclical.
    • psychoacoustics.

    Is OC a scrabble word?

    No, oc is not in the scrabble dictionary.

    Which is the best 8 letter word game?

    You won’t always be able to play QUIZZIFY or QUIZZING, for 41 or 39 points, respectively, but eight-letter bingos are among the highest-scoring plays in word games, other than semi-ridiculous words that require nine tiles already to have been played. These common eight-letter words are ABSOLUTE, MOUNTAIN, and SENTENCE.

    What are 8 letter words that start with s?

    What are 8 letter words that start with S? Stations, surprise, syzygies, and stutters.

    Are there any 8 letter words without a vowel?

    You’ll certainly find several 8 letter words with K, like AARDVARK, REINVOKE and KILOBARS. There are also plenty of words with 8 letters using V, like AVENGERS, INVENTED and VAPORIZE. Unfortunately, there are no 8 letter words with no vowels. If we exclude Y as a “sometimes” vowel, the longest words without vowels include “tsktsks” and “crwths.”

    Can you make 8 letter words out of a word?

    Because you only have seven letters in your rack, you can only make 8 letter words by hooking onto an existing word.