What type of job does Paul do?

What type of job does Paul do?

He would eat dinner with her after he was “presentable,” as Alice had often said. What type of job does Paul work? Ans: Paul does some kind of a job as a laborer, miner, digger etc. that requires him to get dirty.

Why do Ryan’s eyes get red and itchy when he walks into Roberts House?

1. Why do Ryan’s eyes get red and itchy when he walks into Robert’s house? How do you know this? Ryan is allergic to cats.

Why is Kyle distraught?

Why is Kyle distraught? He probably got bad grades. of trash over it. As he plopped down on the couch, he let out a sigh and picked up his controller.

What happened to Jenna’s apartment answer?

What happened to Jenna’s apartment? Jenna was shocked when she opened the door to her apartment. There were long rips in the couch, as though someone had run knives down the front of it. A lamp was shattered on the floor.

Will the teacher believe Alvin and Elijah’s story How do you know this?

Will the teacher believe Alvin and Elijah’s story? Yes, Alvin and Elijah seem trustworthy.

How do you practice making inferences?

To make inferences from reading, take two or more details from the reading and see if you can draw a conclusion. Remember, making an inference is not just making a wild guess.

What did Gail find on the receipt?

It was dated from that morning. Gail just shook her head and laughed, not surprised at all by what she saw on the receipt. What did Gail find on the receipt? The receipt was for a new fishing pole and bait.

Who was Alice Paul in Season 2 Episode 7?

In 2018, Alice Paul was a central character in an episode of Timeless (Season 2, Episode 7) which alludes to Paul giving an impassioned speech to President Woodrow Wilson during a march that ends in police violence upon the suffragist marchers. According to history, Paul was at the event, and was arrested,…

How did Lucy Burns and Alice Paul meet?

While in England, Paul met American Lucy Burns, and joining the women’s suffrage efforts there, they learned militant protest tactics, including picketing and hunger strikes. Back in the United States, in 1912, Paul and Burns joined the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), with Paul leading the Washington, DC chapter.

What are the names of Alice Paul’s siblings?

Alice Paul was born on January 11, 1885, at Paulsdale in Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey. She was the eldest of four children of William Mickle Paul I (1850–1902) and Tacie Paul (née Parry), and a descendant of William Penn, the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania. Her siblings were Willam, Helen, and Parry.

What did Alice Paul do for women’s rights?

Afterward, Paul and the National Women’s Party focused on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to guarantee women constitutional protection from discrimination. Paul spent her life advocating for this and other women’s issues.