What type of crafts did the Pomo tribe make?

What type of crafts did the Pomo tribe make?

For the Pomo Indians of Northern California, however, their unparalleled artistry in basket weaving has created a demand for their work that has lasted more than a century.

What was the Pomo music like?

The Pomo Indians of Northern California have traditionally sung lullabies, as well as hunting and religious songs. For the Cahuilla people of Palm Springs, bird songs tell stories of their origin, journey and return home.

What kind of houses did the Pomo live in?

Pomo along the coast of the Pacific Ocean traditionally lived in cone-shaped homes made from the wood and bark of redwood trees. The Pomo farther inland lived in larger rectangular houses built from poles, brush, and grass.

What did the Pomo tribe do for art?

“Pomo women were the main crafters of the baskets. Not only did they master the art of weaving, they also mastered the environment their materials came from,” said Brown. “They were not only basket-makers but they were caretakers, stewards of the land.

What are three techniques used in basket weaving?

There are three main weaving techniques: coiling, plaiting and twining. Basketry of the Northwest Coast uses numerous variations of these methods.

What did the Pomo tribe trade?

The Pomo are famous for their fine baskets. Trade. Items traded included salt from the Salt Pomo, and from the coastal groups came shells, magnesite, finished beads, obsidian, tools, basketry materials, skins, and food that one group might have in excess and another need.

What religion did the Pomo tribe follow?

Traditional Pomo religion involved the Kuksu cult, a set of beliefs and practices involving private ceremonies, esoteric dances and rituals, and impersonations of spirits. There were also ceremonies for such things as ghosts, coyotes, and thunder.

What did the Pomo tribe make their houses out of?

What did the Pomo tribe use for shelter?

What did the Pomo tribe live in? Tule Mat Lodges: The Pomo tribe of California lived in shelters of dome-shaped shelters called Tule Mat Lodges. To build the tule mat lodges, the Pomo men first created a circular willow framework. The size was about 7 feet in diameter and about 7 feet high.

How did the Pomo tribe get their food?

The Pomo were an Indian tribe that lived in the northern coast of California who had to hunt, gather, and fish for their food. The Pomo Indians gathered plants and berries from their area. Also, they hunted for insects, small and large wild animals. They fished in the ocean, lakes, and rivers for shellfish and fish.

What kind of weapons did the Pomo tribe use?

The weapons by the Pomo people included spears, stone ball clubs, knives and bows and arrows. The sharp points of their weapons and their tools were fashioned from Obsidian. Pomo History Timeline: What happened to the Pomo tribe?

How to learn more about the Pomo Indians?

If you want to know more about Pomo culture and history, two interesting sources are Pomo Indians of California and Their Neighbors and The Pomo Indians . Two good books for kids on California Indians in general are California Native Peoples and Native Ways; a more in-depth book for older readers is Tribes of California .

What did the Pomo Indians use animal teeth for?

The Pomo Indians used animal teeth for decoration. They would also dull them to use as throwing stones. They would not dull them too much so they could actually hunt with the throwing stones. The throwing stones would also act like a knife so they could carve the bow and arrow.

What did the Pomos wear for everyday life?

The Pomos didn’t wear long headdresses like the Sioux. For dances and ceremonies, Pomo men would wear special headbands made of flicker feathers, like this. The Pomos painted their faces for dances and other special occasions, but not for everyday life.