What song did Martha and the Vandellas popularize in 1965?

What song did Martha and the Vandellas popularize in 1965?

The success of “Heat Wave” helped popularize both Martha and the Vandellas and Holland-Dozier-Holland, while cementing Motown as a strong musical force.

When did Martha and the Vandellas form?

Martha and the Vandellas/Active from

What record label was Martha and the Vandellas on?

Chess Records
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When solo star Mary Wells failed to show up for a recording session, Martha stepped in, backed up by the Del-Phis. Impressed by their performance, Motown signed the group (without Gloria) to the Gordy label in 1962 under a new name, Martha & the Vandellas.

Who first recorded heat wave?

Martha and the Vandellas
“Heat Wave” is a 1963 song written by the Holland–Dozier–Holland songwriting team. It was first made popular by the Motown vocal group Martha and the Vandellas….Heat Wave (Martha and the Vandellas song)

“Heat Wave”
Released July 9, 1963
Recorded June 20, 1963
Studio Hitsville U.S.A. (Studio A)
Genre Soul

What happened to Martha and the Vandellas?

After two successive Top 40 R&B singles, the ballad “In and Out of My Life” (#22 US R&B) and the Marvin Gaye cover, “Tear It On Down” (#37 US R&B), the group disbanded following a farewell concert, held at Detroit’s Cobo Hall on December 21, 1972, but Martha Reeves is still often billed as ‘Martha Reeves& The Vandellas …

Who wrote the songs for Martha and the Vandellas?

Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland went on to write, produce and bulls-eye many of Martha And The Vandellas’ signature hits, including ‘Nowhere To Run,’ ‘I’m Ready For Love’ and ‘Jimmy Mack. ‘ As for ‘Dancing In The Street,’ it was the creation of two leading men in Ms.

How did Martha and the Vandellas start?

After Motown staffer Mickey Stevenson saw Reeves singing at a Detroit club, he offered her an audition. Motown was so impressed by the group’s vocals – and Martha’s lead vocals in the song – that the label CEO Berry Gordy offered to give the group a contract.

Was Martha Reeves a secretary at Motown?

Martha Reeves worked as Motown’s A&R secretary for nine months. She says that when she left that position, it took three young ladies from a secretarial school to replace her.

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What Martha Reeves birthday?

July 18, 1941 (age 80 years)
Martha Reeves/Date of birth
Martha Reeves, the earthy alto voice of Martha and the Vandellas, was born July 18, 1941, in Eufaula, Alabama.

What makes dancing into the streets by Martha and the Vandellas a hit song?

The group’s string of hits included “Come and Get These Memories”, “Heat Wave”, “Quicksand”, “Nowhere to Run”, “Jimmy Mack”, “I’m Ready for Love”, “Bless You” and “Dancing in the Street”, the latter song becoming their signature single….

Martha and the Vandellas
Labels Gordy
Associated acts Marvin Gaye The Funk Brothers

What was the first hit of Martha and the Vandellas?

Signed to the newly formed Gordy label in September 1962 as Martha and The Vandellas, the group’s first hit was their second release, a beat ballad “Come Get These Memories” (#29 pop, #3 R&B 1963) and was Holland-Dozier-Holland’s first collaboration as a songwriting team.

Who was the lead singer of Martha and the Vandellas?

One of Motown Records’ earliest and most exciting vocal groups, Martha and The Vandellas achieved two Top Ten hits before the ascendancy of The Supremes. Driven by Martha Reeves’ soulful, brassy lead vocals, the Vandellas became Motown’s earthier, more aggressive “girl group” alternative to the Supremes.

When did Martha Reeves and the Vandellas release heat wave?

Soaring temperatures during the summer of ’63 fuel Martha & the Vandellas’ first fire-alarm hit, “Heat Wave,” featuring a blazing vocal performance that becomes the group’s hallmark. The follow-up, “Quicksand,” takes a Top 10 slot, too, and this back-to-back achievement polishes the reputations of the group and Holland/Dozier/Holland.

When did Martha Reeves and the Vandellas leave Motown?

In 1972, Motown quits Detroit, and Martha Reeves & the Vandellas leave the record company, playing their last show together at the city’s Cobo Hall just before Christmas. Their leader steps out for a solo career with several different labels, but reconnects with Hitsville to appear on the Motown 25 network TV special in 1983. The legacy lives on.