What shocked Jonas when he viewed his father releasing one of the new born twins?

What shocked Jonas when he viewed his father releasing one of the new born twins?

In The Giver (Lowry), as Jonas watches his father release one of the newborn twins, he finally comes to understand what release is, and the horror of this, seeing a newborn put to death by his own father, disposed of like trash, makes him feel “a ripping sensation inside himself, the feeling of a terrible pain clawing …

What surprised Jonas about his father?

There are a few things that shocked Jonas about this. First of all, he couldn’t believe that his father was just killing a baby. Second, he could not believe that his dad was being so casual about it. Third, he is shocked that his father lied to him and he wonders how many other people are lying as well.

What startling realization comes to Jonas as he watched the release of the twin boy?

Jonas finally comes to realize that the “release” is nothing more than another word for murder in Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver. He views the killing of the perfectly healthy twin as evil.

What did Jonas think would happen to the twin if it were released?

When Jonas comments to The Giver that the newborn twin is going to be released, he does not expect Gandalf’s reaction. He thinks that his father will make the twin clean and comfy and then the baby will go to live and grow up in elsewhere.

Why was Jonas shocked watching his father perform the ceremony of release?

Jonas is horrified because the movements of the dying baby echo the movements of the dying boy in the memory, and he associates those movements with pain, thirst, and misery.

What is the role of Jonas’s father in the release?

Jonas’ father does give the newborns every opportunity to flourish. He takes the newborn Gabriel home to live with his family in hopes of enabling the baby to sleep during the night and gain weight, thereby foregoing release. Like other community members, Jonas’ father follows the rules of the community.

Why did Jonas’s dad release a twin?

Wishing He Could Watch When Jonas mentions to the Giver that his father will be releasing a twin, he is surprised at the Giver’s reaction. Jonas thinks releasing one twin is a good thing because it would be ridiculous to have two people who looked the same in the community.

How does Jonas’s father describe releasing babies in Chapter 17?

He had to weigh them, keep the heavier one, and Release the smaller of the two. How does Father describe the Release? He cleans him up and gets him comfy, then he performs a small ceremony of Release, then waves bye bye.

How did Jonas react after he watched the release?

Jonas was absolutely appalled when he watched the video of the release. He couldn’t believe that release, which was portrayed as this wonderful thing, was really just killing. He was also devastated to find that his father had been doing this and lying to the family about it.

Why is Jonas father’s behavior during the release of the Newchild important?

Jonas’s father works with Newchildren, or babies. He is a Nurturer. Perhaps more disturbing for the reader is when Jonas watches his father actually perform the release of the newborn twin. Jonas’s father’s behavior seems to demonstrate a disregard for human life.

How does Jonas father’s actions impact Gabriel’s situation?

Jonas’s father’s plea for Gabriel shows he is more prone to bending rules than other members of society are—a trait that Jonas may have inherited. The pledge the family signs foreshadow the opposite of its intended effect: Jonas will become attached to the baby, despite the rules.

Why is Jonas sensitive Chapter 17?

The community declared an unscheduled holiday and Jonas searched for his Friends. He was very sensitive for two reasons: the memories he had received and he had not taken his pills for the stirrings. He had seen mountains, lakes, oceans and streams. He knew that the river comes and go to Elsewhere.

What did Jonas feel when his father killed the twins?

Lowry describes Jonas’s reaction to his father killing one of the twins in chapter 19 as follows: “Jonas felt a ripping sensation inside himself, the feeling of terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge in a cry” (151).

Why did Jonas believe his father was released?

Jonas has always assumed that “Release” means expulsion from the Community and the Released person will live “Elsewhere.” He believes this because everyone believes it; his own father is in charge of Releasing infants who are different, weak, or twins.

How did the giver change jonas’perspective on life?

The Giver then explains to Jonas that even the elderly are lethally injected during their release ceremonies. The fact that individuals are killed when they are released permanently changes Jonas’ perspective on his community and family.