What number did Aurelio Rodriguez wear for the Detroit Tigers?

What number did Aurelio Rodriguez wear for the Detroit Tigers?

#5 Aurelio Rodriguez His 1,241 games are the most played for the Tigers by a Latin-born player. The happy man from Mexico was a wizard with the leather, earning a Gold Glove in 1976.

Why is Ty Cobbs number not retired?

Honored: Ty Cobb Cobb was one of the best players in baseball history and one of the original five elected members of the Hall of Fame class of 1936. He also played his entire career before teams wore numbers on their backs, so there is no number to retire for him.

What was Denny Mclain’s jersey number?

17Detroit Tigers / Pitcher
Denny McLain/Number

Who wore #20 for Detroit Tigers?

Christin Stewart
In Tigers uniform number news, Willi Castro will wear number 9, worn years ago by another Tigers SS, Carlos Guillen. Robbie Grossman will wear 8. Christin Stewart, whose number 14 went to new manager A.J. Hinch, will now wear number 20.

Who is number 17 on the Detroit Tigers?

Grayson Greiner
Tigers Roster & Staff

Catchers B/T Ht
Dustin Garneau 64 B/T: R/R Ht: 6′ 2″ Wt: 205 DOB: 08/13/1987 R/R 6′ 2″
Grayson Greiner 17 B/T: R/R Ht: 6′ 6″ Wt: 238 DOB: 10/11/1992 R/R 6′ 6″
Eric Haase 13 B/T: R/R Ht: 5′ 10″ Wt: 210 DOB: 12/18/1992 R/R 5′ 10″

Who wore number 21 for the Detroit Tigers?

slugger Miguel Cabrera
Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera is Detroit’s nominee for the annual Roberto Clemente Award, which is given to the player who “best represents the game of baseball through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy and positive contributions, both on and off the field.”

What is Babe Ruth’s number?

3Atlanta Braves / Outfielder
3New York Yankees / Outfielder
Babe Ruth/Number

Ruth’s No. 3 was the second Yankee number ever retired, but while Ruth was the first to wear it, he was far from the last. Seven other Yankees wore No. 3, and from 1935 to 1948 it was never unassigned.

Is Kevin Costner a Detroit Tiger fan?

Now Costner has sent a message to fans of For Love of the Game. The longtime actor posted a photo on Instagram that showed him dressed as a member of the Detroit Tigers. He then revealed that many fans had listed For Love of the Game as their favorite film from his career.

What number did Chet Lemon wear?

34: Chet Lemon His arrival from the White Sox gave Detroit its center fielder and an offensive catalyst for most of the 1980s.

Who wore number 19 for the Detroit Tigers?

Isaac Paredes
Tigers Roster & Staff

Infielders B/T DOB
Isaac Paredes 19 B/T: R/R Ht: 5′ 11″ Wt: 213 DOB: 02/18/1999 R/R 02/18/1999
Jonathan Schoop 7 B/T: R/R Ht: 6′ 1″ Wt: 247 DOB: 10/16/1991 R/R 10/16/1991
Zack Short 59 B/T: R/R Ht: 5′ 10″ Wt: 180 DOB: 05/29/1995 R/R 05/29/1995

Who wore number 11 for the Detroit Tigers?

Willie Horton
The No. 11 was a Detroit baseball staple, worn by a man who was as closely identified with the Tigers organization as any, including fellow Detroiter Willie Horton. The 11 was also the number of All-Star games he went to, in addition to the World Series and ALCS he appeared in.

Who wore number 8 for the Detroit Tigers?


NO Player DOB (AGE)
60 A. Baddoo 8/16/1998 (23)
41 D. Cameron Tigers’ Daz Cameron: Homers in season finale Daz Cameron Tigers’ Daz Cameron: Homers in season finale 1/15/1997 (24)
8 R. Grossman Tigers’ Robbie Grossman: Sitting season finale Robbie Grossman Tigers’ Robbie Grossman: Sitting season finale 9/16/1989 (32)

Where are the numbers on the Detroit Tigers?

While the greatest Tigers of all have their numbers on the outfield wall at Comerica Park, those cover just a fraction of the range of digits worn by Tigers players over the years. Some are ingrained into memory, but many are long forgotten. With that in mind, here’s one reporter’s list of the greatest players to wear each number in Tigers history.

What was the Detroit Tigers uniform number for 1955?

Detroit Tigers Uniform Numbers 19. Fred Hatfield 1953 Detroit Tigers 20. Fred Hatfield 1954 Detroit Tigers 21. Fred Hatfield 1955 Detroit Tigers 22. Jim Brideweser 1956 Detroit Tigers

Who was number 40 for the Detroit Tigers?

Several solid Major Leaguers wore No. 40 during brief Tigers tenures, but Coke wore 40 throughout his eventful five-year stint in Detroit, mainly as a lefty reliever. He originally planned to wear 46 after his trade from the Yankees, but he lost it when Detroit signed Jose Valverde.

When did Lou Gehringer retire his number on the Detroit Tigers?

The Tigers retired the number for Gehringer in 1983, 40 years after his career ended. The lifelong Michigander was nicknamed “The Mechanical Man” for his remarkable consistency.