What kind of cancer did Miguel Ferrer have?

What kind of cancer did Miguel Ferrer have?

On January 19, 2017, Ferrer died at his Santa Monica home of throat cancer at the age of 61. He is buried at Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, next to his father José Ferrer.

When did Miguel Ferrer pass away?

January 19, 2017
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Is Miguel Ferrer alive?

Deceased (1955–2017)
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Did Miguel Ferrer work until he died?

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Miguel Ferrer Kept Working Even Until the Last Days of His Cancer Battle. The late NCIS: Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer played Owen Granger from 2012 until his death from throat cancer in 2017. Here’s what the cast said about Ferrer’s last days on the set.

What is wrong with Kenzie’s eye on NCIS?

“It’s a birthmark called nevus of Ota. It covers the whole white of my eye and darkens it. The square of the eye, the white part, is completely dark on my right eye, not just the iris,” she said. “It’s very common in Asian people but quite rare in Caucasians.

What killed Miguel Ferrer?

Los Angeles, CA
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Is Miguel Ferrer related to Audrey Hepburn?

Miguel Ferrer isn’t a part of the Hepburn acting family, but he is a Clooney. Miguel’s father, Jose Ferrer, was a famous actor in his own right, but he wasn’t related to Audrey Hepburn’s husband Mel.

Are Mel and José Ferrer brothers?

It was directed by José Ferrer (no relation). He then directed José Ferrer in the 1946 stage production of Cyrano de Bergerac. He worked as an assistant on The Fugitive (1947), directed by John Ford in Mexico.

Are Kensi and Deeks married?

Daniela Ruah Is Married to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Husband’s Brother/Stunt Double. On NCIS: Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen’s character, Marty Deeks, is married to Daniela Ruah’s onscreen alter-ego, Kensi Blye. But in real life, it’s Eric’s brother, David Paul Olsen, who’s Daniela Ruah’s husband!

What is Agent Callen’s real name?

Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev
Grisha “G.” Callen (born: Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev) is a fictional character in the show NCIS: Los Angeles portrayed by Chris O’Donnell. He is an NCIS Special Agent in Charge, and the senior agent assigned to the Office of Special Projects.

What happened to Deeks in NCIS LA?

That’s what everyone’s wondering after the most recent episodes. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a major character left the NCIS universe. But then NCIS: LA revealed that Deeks’s job as a liaison between the NCIS and the LAPD is done—permanently.

Is Sean Hepburn Ferrer married?

Karin Hoferm. 2014
Giovanna Gregori Ferrerm. 2000–2009Leila Flanniganm. 1994–2000Marina Spadaforam. 1985–1989
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