What is this bellowed meaning?

What is this bellowed meaning?

to shout in a loud voice, or (of a cow or large animal) to make a loud, deep sound: [ + speech ] “Keep quiet!” the teacher bellowed across the room.

What is an antonym for bellowed?

Antonyms: be silent, be still, hark, hearken, hush, list, listen. Synonyms: bawl, call, clamor, cry (out), ejaculate, exclaim, roar, scream, shout, shriek, vociferate, yell.

What do you mean by screeching?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter a high shrill piercing cry : make an outcry usually in terror or pain. 2 : to make a shrill high-pitched sound resembling a screech also : to move with such a sound the car screeched to a stop. transitive verb. : to utter with or as if with a screech.

What is the connotation of the word give?

Give, confer, grant, present may mean that something concrete or abstract is bestowed on one person by another. Give is the general word: to give someone a book, permission, etc. Confer usually means to give an honor or a favor; it implies courteous and gracious giving: to confer a degree.

How do you use bellowed in a sentence?

Bellowed sentence example She bellowed , “Do it!!” “My king!” he bellowed , bursting into the chamber. Jackson held Elisabeth’s finger and bellowed , “Sarah, get in here, now!” Whirling around to face her, he bellowed , Talk about this!

What is the sound of a bull called?

This is a list of vocabulary related to sounds of animals

Animals Sounds
Camels grunt
Cats mew, purr, meow, hiss, yowl
Cattle moo, low, bawl (calf), bellow (bull)
Chicks cheep

What are two synonyms bellowed?


  • bluster.
  • bray.
  • clamor.
  • cry.
  • roar.
  • rout.
  • wail.
  • yelp.

What part of speech is the word bellowed?


part of speech: verb
inflections: bellows, bellowing, bellowed
definition 1: to make the deep, loud cry of a bull. similar words: moo, roar
definition 2: to shout loudly and with a deep tone. Our father bellowed at us to stop fighting. synonyms: cry, holler, roar, shout, yell similar words: bawl, clamor, rumble, whoop

What is getting screeched in Newfoundland?

Newfoundland Screech is used in a non-obligatory ceremony known as the “screech-in”. The “screech-in” is an optional ceremony performed on non-Newfoundlanders (known to Newfoundlanders as a “come from away” or “mainlander”) involving a shot of screech, a short recitation and the kissing of a cod.

Is screeching a real word?

causing or uttering screeches: screeching bats. characteristic of screeches; harshly shrill: a screeching tone. the act or sound of a person or thing that screeches.

What is another word for giving to the poor?

money, food, or other donations given to the poor or needy; anything given as charity: The hands of the beggars were outstretched for alms.

What does bellowing mean?

bellowing – a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); “his bellow filled the hallway”. bellow, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, yowl, roar, roaring. cry, outcry, shout, vociferation, yell, call – a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition; “the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience”.

What does Bellew mean?

The definition of bellow means to roar or create a loud, deep sounding cry. An example of bellow is for a cow to moo. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does Bellower mean?

bellower – someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice. bawler, roarer, screamer, screecher, shouter, yeller. communicator – a person who communicates with others. crier – a peddler who shouts to advertise the goods he sells.