What is the strongest Pokemon in Emerald?

What is the strongest Pokemon in Emerald?

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald gave the Pokémon world many new powerful creatures….10 Strongest Pokémon From The Hoenn Region

  1. 1 Metagross.
  2. 2 Sceptile.
  3. 3 Milotic.
  4. 4 Aggron.
  5. 5 Flygon.
  6. 6 Blaziken.
  7. 7 Walrein.
  8. 8 Salamence.

How do you get strong Pokemon in Emerald?

To get HM04 Strength in Pokémon Emerald, you’ll need to find the Rock Smash ability and earn the Dynamo badge. You can get Rock Smash in Mauville City, the same location that you can earn the Dynamo badge. once you can use Rock Smash, you can get Strength by clearing the rocks in Rusturf tunnel.

Is Torchic or mudkip better?

People have their reasons for choosing Torchic or Treecko, but Mudkip has always been the Pokémon for me. Torchic and Treecko eventually evolve into Blaziken and Sceptile, and with those evolutions they get some great speed stats. Mudkip, who later evolves to Marshtomp, seems to be the better answer.

What’s the best starter Pokémon in emerald?

Generation Three: Pokémon Emerald Mudkip’s fantastic offensive typing, mixed offensive and defensive stats, and powerful movepool make it a clear choice for our top ranking. Early game usefulness is key for a starter, and Mudkip enjoys overwhelming type advantages against the first, third, and fourth Gyms.

Which starter Pokemon is best in Emerald?

Who is the strongest Pokemon of ash?

The Strongest Pokemon Currently In Ash Ketchum’s Roster (Except Pikachu)

  1. 1 Charizard. Ash was truly blessed with an insanely powerful Charizard as a rookie Trainer.
  2. 2 Sceptile.
  3. 3 Infernape.
  4. 4 Dragonite.
  5. 5 Lucario.
  6. 6 Krookodile.
  7. 7 Incineroar.
  8. 8 Snorlax.

Is Torchic good emerald?

The Torchic line began a long tradition of starters with the dual Fire/Fighting typing, and it uses this excellent offensive typing well in Pokémon Emerald. In the early-game, Torchic is useful yet faces many dangers.

Which is better Torchic Mudkip or treecko?

Treecko has 40 more starting stat points for speed than Torchic and has double the starting speed of Mudkip. Treecko also gains the most from its Mega Evolution. When evolved to Mega Sceptile, the Pokémon becomes a dragon type which is arguably the strongest Pokémon type in the game.

How do you get a mega Swampert in Pokemon Emerald?

A Mega Swampert can be obtained in battle by having a Swampert hold a Swampertite, then using the Mega Stone to have it Mega Evolve into Mega Swampert, however this will only work in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Who is stronger treecko Torchic or mudkip?

What level does Torchic evolve?

Torchic (Japanese: アチャモ Achamo) is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Combusken starting at level 16, which evolves into Blaziken starting at level 36.

Which is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Other than Legendary Pokemon, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, and Metagross are the strongest Pokemon based on their stats. Each of them have a combined total of 600 between all of their stats.

Which is the best Fire type in Emerald?

Blaziken is the best fire type you can get in emerald the movesets are built to counter almost any type of Pokemon you encounter. I hope these can help you build your most powerful team. But if can get a chance in trading from firered please do so cause they are more pokemons that are more powerful then emerald.

Which is the Best Fighting type in Pokemon Emerald?

With These three types included, your team will already have covered 14 of the possible 17 Pokemon types. Keep in mind you still have two other Pokemon to cover the other 3 (Bug, Water, and Fighting) The best fighting type Pokemon in Emerald without trading would have to be Heracross and Blaziken.

Which is the Best Pokemon to use on a team?

Depending what you’ve chosen to be your team with the first 4 will decide which types to use for these two free places. The two best choices to make with the Pokemon listed above would be: 1) Blaziken, Walrein, Absol/Shiftry, and Flygon. 2) Heracross, Swampert/Tentacruel,Absol/Shiftry, and Camerupt.