What is the Spanish verb for to walk?

What is the Spanish verb for to walk?

Verb Caminar
Conjugating the Spanish Verb Caminar (to Walk) – dummies.

What is the definition of the Spanish word camino?

path, road; journey; way.

What form is caminando?

Present Tense of Caminar

Subject Pronoun Caminar Conjugation Translation
yo camino I walk
caminas you (singular/informal) walk
él/ella usted camina he/she walks – you (singular/formal) walk
nosotros nosotras caminamos we walk

What is the meaning of calesa?

horse-drawn buggy
calesa in British English Spanish (kaˈlesa) noun. a horse-drawn buggy, once common in the Philippines but now mainly used as a tourist attraction. Collins English Dictionary.

What is caminar?

(to) walk, walking, (to) go for a walk.

What is the Spanish word for walking?

Translate “walk” to Spanish: caminar, andar, andar a pie, ir a pie, marchar, transitar, ir andando, trolear. English Synonyms of “walk”: go on foot, take a walk, foot it, walk along, ankle, go shank’s mare, hoof, hoof it, move along.

What is a Spanish walk?

The Spanish walk is a trained movement performed by a horse. While at a walk, as the horse raises each foreleg off the ground, it lifts the leg in an exaggerated upward and forward manner. While the Spanish walk is loosely affiliated with the field of dressage, it is more of a trick or circus movement and not included in any modern dressage tests.

What is the Spanish translation of Walker?

Plural: walkers Translate “walker” to Spanish: caminante, peat n, paseante, persona que camina, viajero a pie. English Synonyms of “walker”: stroller, journeyer, passerby, pedestrian, rambler, traveler, traveler on foot, wayfarer, footslogger, gorp gobbler, hiker, passer-by Translate “walker” to Spanish: andadera, tacat.