What is the song Chelsea play before a game?

What is the song Chelsea play before a game?

“Liquidator” is a popular tune to play as UK football teams run out: Chelsea, Wycombe Wanderers, Northampton Town, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Bromwich Albion, and St Johnstone all have claims to have been the first club to use it.

What song do they play at Chelsea?

The Liquidator
The tune is ‘The Liquidator’ by the Harry J Allstars and has been used at various football grounds around Britain over the years.

Where does Chelsea celery song come from?

It’s all began with a song According to the stories, the celery tradition comes from a renowned Chelsea fan called Mickey Greenaway. In the 1980s, a song would be sung called Ask Old Brown that went: “Ask old Brown for tea and all the family, if he doesn’t come, we’ll tickle his bum with a lump of celery.”

Where is The Liquidator song from?

“The Liquidator” is a popular early reggae instrumental released in the United Kingdom by the Harry J Allstars in 1969.

Is Chelsea a liquidator song?

“The boys performed under the watchful eye of manager Dave Sexton to the tune of Harry J & All Stars chartbuster, ‘Liquidator’. The track is played by Chelsea before home games, whilst fans clap the players on to the pitch.”

What is The Liquidator Chelsea?

The Liquidator The reggae song, recorded by the Harry J. Allstars in 1969, has been played before Chelsea matches for decades now. It is accompanied by clapping and a loud chant of “Chelsea” by everyone in the stadium. It has become the standard way for the Blues to get ready for a match.

Why is celery illegal at Chelsea?

Over time, people began throwing the vegetable onto the pitch. However, in 2002, four fans were arrested for celery-throwing, and by 2007 it was banned officially. This was after a game against Arsenal was stopped as players were pelted with the foodstuff.

Why is Chelsea’s ground called Stamford Bridge?

“Stamford Bridge” is considered to be a derivative of “Samfordesbrigge” meaning “the bridge at the sandy ford”. Eighteenth century maps show a “Stanford Creek” running along the route of what is now a railway line at the back of the East Stand as a tributary of the Thames.

When did Chelsea adopt the liquidator?

“The Liquidator” is an early reggae instrumental released in the United Kingdom by the Harry J Allstars in 1969. Its association with Chelsea dates from this time, when contemporary chart hits were regularly played at the ground, and it proved popular with the fans.

When did Chelsea adopt The Liquidator?

Why is Chelsea ground called Stamford Bridge?