What is the series map used for?

What is the series map used for?

Topographic Series Maps Index maps are used to show the location and extent of each map in the series. See Topographic Maps for information about topographic series maps. Series maps are most likely to be produced by government mapping agencies.

What is sheet number in map?

The sheet number on a trench map, when used in conjunction with the series index, helps you to identify what geographic area is covered by the map. The sheet number is always quoted first when giving a map reference (see: How to Read a Map Reference Number). The image below is taken from the top margin of a trench map.

What is Open Series map?

Open Series Maps (OSMs) – OSMs are brought out exclusively by SOI, primarily for supporting development activities in the country. OSMs bear different map sheet numbers and are in UTM Projection on WGS-84 datum. Each of these OSMs (in both hard copy and digital form) become ‘Unrestricted’.

What is international map series?

These small-scale maps depict the entire world but show a limited amount of detail. The intended purpose of the international series was to provide a general planning map for the entire world at a larger scale with the capability of showing greater detail.

How are topographical maps numbered?

For Indian Topographic maps, each section is further divided into 16 sections (4 rows by 4 columns), each of 1° latitude x 1° longitude (1:250,000), staring from a letter A (North-West corner) and ending on P, column-wise. These degree sheets are designated by a number and an alphabet such as 53 C (Figure 3.9).

What is a map series in ArcGIS pro?

A map series is a collection of pages (also known as map sheets) built from a single layout in which each page shows a particular map extent. The map series is built by iterating through a list of bookmarks you select, creating a page for each feature.

What is the index in a map?

The index identifies quadrangle areas by map name and scale. A map is usually named after the most prominent city, town or natural landmark shown on it. Topographic map indexes are located at the first table in the Map Room (TOPO MAP INDEXES). There is one index for each state.

What is Open Series?

Open Series Maps (OSM) – These are prepared on 1:250,000; 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales for the use of general public/civilians for supporting development activities in the country. Technically maps of this series are based on WGS-84 Datum and UTM Projection.