What is the noun of cellphone?

What is the noun of cellphone?

noun. noun. (also cellular phone informal, cell) a telephone that does not have wires and works by radio, that you can carry with you and use anywhere cell phone users I talked to her on my cell phone.

Is cell phone a common noun?

Answer: Here is the answer along with its explanation: We is the proper noun and cell phone is the common noun.

Is cellphone a compound word?

The dictionaries also agree that “cell phone” is a two-word noun, so you’re free to hyphenate it if you’re using it as an adjective, “cell-phone manufacturer,” or not, “cell phone manufacturer.”

Is it cell phone or cellphone?

The AP announced today that it will drop the hyphen from the word formerly written, under AP style, as “e-mail.” It is also changing “cell phone” to “cellphone.” Nearly a year ago, the wire service switched from “Web site” to “website.”

Is cell phone one word or two?

Is iPhone a proper noun?

iPhone is not a unique entity. It is not a proper noun.

Is cellphone hyphenated?

What is cellphone in Filipino?

cellphone. cellphone. phone verb, noun. telepono, tumawag, tumelepono, tumawag sa telepono, tawagan sa telepono. cell verb, noun.

Is cellphone all one word?

Is cellphone one word AP style?

AP Style tip: It’s cellphone, one word. There are hands-free and hand-held devices.

Is mobile phone a compound word?

Compound words are made up of two or more other words. Open compounds are written as separate words, but they are conventionally used together (e.g., full moon, mobile phone, ice cream). Hyphenated compounds occur when two or more terms are joined with a hyphen (e.g., mother-in-law, well-known, T-shirt).

Do you say cell phone or mobile phone?

The cell phone providers usually call them “mobile” phones which is more precise since “cell” refers to a kind of technology.

Which is an example of a part of speech?

Parts of Speech Examples in English. 1 Adjectives. Adjectives modify or describe a noun. These words ascribe an attribute to the noun being modified. 2 Adverbs. 3 Conjunctions. 4 Interjections. 5 Nouns. Nouns name a person, place, thing idea, or quality. They can act as the subject or the object of a sentence.

How many parts of speech are there in English?

Parts of Speech in English. In English, there are eight different parts of speech. In each of the example sentences below, the highlighted part of speech is in bold. Adjectives modify or describe a noun. These words ascribe an attribute to the noun being modified. The sleepy bear hibernated all winter. It’s a long drive, but it’s worth the trip.

Which is an example of an interjection in a speech?

Interjections are words used as exclamations to show feelings. They’re usually abrupt, interrupting the speech for emotional effect. Bah, who cares what they think anyway?