What is the example of suggestion?

What is the example of suggestion?

The definition of a suggestion is a proposal made or an idea that has been put forth. An example of suggestion is when someone offers up an idea for what to do that evening.

What is meaning of the suggestion?

A suggestion is an idea someone proposes. A friend could make a suggestion of a fun movie. If you’re new in town, you might ask for suggestions of good neighborhoods. Suggestions are ideas that can be taken or rejected; it’s up to the person who receives the suggestion.

How do you make a suggestion?

How to Make a Suggestion in English

  1. The most common way to make a suggestion is to use the modal “should”.
  2. Another common way to give a suggestion or recommendation is to use the word “could”.
  3. Look at the difference between “should” and “could”.

What does suggestion and advice mean?

Key Difference: The two words, advice and suggestion are co-related to each other, but an advice acts as a noun which means an opinion recommended or offered, while suggestion also acts as a noun which means an idea or a fact that is put ahead for analysis or consideration.

How do I ask for a suggestion?

Here is the common phrases that you could use when someone want to ask for advice:

  1. What do you suggest?
  2. What do you advise me to do?
  3. What should I do (about…)?
  4. What ought I to do?
  5. What’s your advice?
  6. If you were me what would you do?
  7. What do you thing I should do (about…)?
  8. What would you suggest I do..?

Do you have any suggestion or suggestions?

The phrase “any suggestions” indicates that there are more than one suggestion, while the phrase “any suggestion” might imply that there is only one suggestion.

What does making suggestion mean?

To make a suggestion means to offer an idea or plan for someone to think about.

How do you ask for suggestions?

How do you ask for suggestions for improvement?

  1. State that you want suggestions.
  2. Make the task sound easy and offer an incentive for making suggestions.
  3. Tell readers how to submit their ideas and suggestions.
  4. Reemphasize the benefits or rewards for providing suggestions.
  5. Close with a note of anticipation and confidence.

How do I suggest someone?

If you suggest something, you put forward a plan or idea for someone to think about. If you suggest the name of a person or place, you recommend them to someone. If you suggest that something is the case, you say something which you believe is the case.

How do you ask for a suggestion?

Is a suggestion an order?

As nouns the difference between order and suggestion is that order is (uncountable) arrangement, disposition, sequence while suggestion is (countable) something suggested (with subsequent adposition being for ).

Is a suggestion the same as advice?

Advice is considered formal while a suggestion is supposed to be casual. This is not the same as the suggestion, which is just a clear plan or an opinion concerning the circumstance under consideration. It is important to record that the person offering a suggestion does not command or control because he is an opinion.

What does suggested mean?

suggest. 1. to put (an idea etc) before another person etc for consideration; to propose. He suggested a different plan; I suggest doing it a different way; She suggested to me one or two suitable people for the committee; I suggest that we have lunch now. 2. to put (an idea etc) into a person’s mind; to hint.

What is suggested about?

1. To offer for consideration or action; propose: suggest things for children to do; suggested that we take a walk. 2. To express or say indirectly: The police officer seemed to be suggesting that the death was not an accident. 3. To make evident indirectly; intimate or imply: a silence that suggested disapproval.

What is a synonym for suggested?

suggest(v. a.) Synonyms: hint, intimate, insinuate, move, propose, indicate, prompt, give an inkling of, refer to, glance at, allude to, put in mind of, remind of.

What is the definition of suggested?

English Language Learners Definition of suggest : to mention (something) as a possible thing to be done, used, thought about, etc. : to say that (someone or something) is good or deserves to be chosen : to show that (something) is likely or true : to indicate (something) usually without showing it in a direct or certain way