What is the disadvantage of the Robinson projection?

What is the disadvantage of the Robinson projection?

Advantage: The Robinson map projection shows most distances, sizes and shapes accurately. Disadvantage: The Robinson map does have some distortion around the poles and edges.

What is 4 distortions of the Robinson projection?

There are four main types of distortion that come from map projections: distance, direction, shape and area.

What are the pros and cons of map projection?

Advantage: The Equal-Area map projection show the correct sizes of landmasses and continents. Disadvantage: The Equal area map causes the shapes of landmasses to be altered and forced into curves.

Which regions are most distorted on a Robinson projection?

Although the Robinson Projection is not free from distortions, and the most severe distortions are near the poles. However, distortions near the outer parallels at high latitudes are common on most pseudo-cylindrical map projections. The distortions become less objectionable moving away from the poles.

What are the disadvantages of a Isoline map?

Isoline Maps

Advantages Disadvantages
They avoid the problem of boundary lines. They can be difficult to read if the lines are very close together, and the numbers and lines are very small.
You can see areas of equal value. They only work when there is a lot of data spread over the study area and the changes are gradual

What is good about the Robinson projection?

The Robinson projection is unique. Its primary purpose is to create visually appealing maps of the entire world. It is a compromise projection; it does not eliminate any type of distortion, but it keeps the levels of all types of distortion relatively low over most of the map.

What are the limitations of map projections?

Disadvantages: Mercator projection distorts the size of objects as the latitude increases from the Equator to the poles, where the scale becomes infinite. So, for example, Greenland and Antarctica appear much larger relative to land masses near the equator than they actually are.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a isoline map?

What are the disadvantages of a graduated symbol map?


  • Difficult to calculate actual value (if not shown)
  • Time-consuming to construct.
  • Size may obscure location or mean less accurate positioning on maps.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Robinson projection?

Several advantages and disadvantages of the Robinson projection are worth taking into consideration. 1. Almost everything is accurately represented on the projection. The Robinson projection was favorable because it produced a map where everything was accurately represented except at the extreme areas along its edges.

Are there any problems with the Robinson Greenland projection?

The biggest problem is that converting a spherical reality to a flat sphere entails generating a deformation of the masses that are closer to the ends. For example, in the Robinson Greenland projection it seems the size of South America. However, this territory is actually a little bit bigger than Mexico.

Why does Robinson projection make countries look bigger?

1. Increases size of land masses to make industrial developed countries look bigger. 2. Land masses larger in size at high latitudes near poles. Robinson Projection Advantages Doesn’t have accurate shape, area, distance or direction, but it minimizes errors in each. Meridians are gently curving to avoid extreme.

Is the Robinson projection equal area or conformal?

The Robinson projection is neither equal-area nor conformal, abandoning both for a compromise. The creator felt that this produced a better overall view than could be achieved by adhering to either.