What is the difference between Pettinice and fondant?

What is the difference between Pettinice and fondant?

Whether you call it Pettinice, Fondant or sugar paste – they are all the same. Made up of icing sugar, glucose, gelatin, vegetable fat and water. It is used to cover cakes, make flowers and icing novelties.

How do you use Pettinice fondant?

Instructions for use

  1. Roll out to desired thickness.
  2. Brush cake with a sugar syrup or apricot jam thinned with boiling water.
  3. Place rolled icing on the cake and smooth down gently.
  4. Trim edges to finish.

Is Pettinice fondant halal?

Pettinice is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Halal & Kosher.

How do you use bakels fondant?

Bakels Soft Fondant Icing is the icing that you see used on top of donuts. It can also be used to ice cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more! Simply heat the product and you can either pour it over your item, or dip it. If the soft fondant is tempered correctly, if will give a superior shine when set.

What do you use Pettinice for?

Intended Use/Abuse: PETTINICE ICING is a world renowned ready prepared covering for cakes and is suitable for making sugar plaques, modelling, celebration cakes, etc. The superior quality of PETTINICE ICING allows a correctly covered cake to last for months, even years.

Can you freeze Pettinice?

This finish can be used in the same way as other buttercreams, ie: as a topping, filling or for piping.,,FREEZE-THAW INSTRUCTIONS,,This produce has excellent freeze-thaw properties. Best results are obtained if the product is covered before freezing and stays covered until the product is defrosted.

Which brand of fondant is best?

The most popular commercial fondant brands

  • Wilton – This brand is very cheap, but a lot of people don’t like the taste of it.
  • FondX – A great all-around commercial fondant, also available in Elite Premium and Elite Plus.
  • Bakels Pettinice – A commercial fondant that’s easy to work with and tastes great!

How much fondant do I need to cover a cake?

Fondant – Amounts Needed to Cover a Cake

Cake Size: Size – Inches Use this Rolled Fondant Amount – Ounces (by weight)
Sheets 2 in. high 12 x 18″ 80 oz.
Ovals 4 in. high 7 3/4 x 5 5/8″ 24 oz.
10 3/4 x 7 7/8″ 48 oz.
13 x 9 7/8 “ 48 oz.

What is Satin Ice fondant?

Satin Ice is a premium quality fondant for creating a smooth, elegant finish for wedding, birthday, novelty, and special-occasion cakes. Additionally, it is used as a modeling paste to create decorative borders, flowers, drapes and bows.

Can I put a fondant cake in the fridge?

No, fondant does not need to be refrigerated. In fact, it should avoid any contact with your refrigerator. Leftover fondant should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature. If you plan on covering a cake with fondant, make sure you don’t use any fillings that need to be refrigerated.

Is it better to make or buy fondant?

Why homemade rolled fondant is better. It’s true, most people don’t like the taste of fondant. For my cake business, I made my own fondant since it’s easy enough to make and is much cheaper than buying it. Even better, although it is sweet (it’s mostly sugar, after all) it doesn’t have a weird taste or smell.

What are the types of fondant?

There are two main types of this kind of fondant: poured and rolled. Poured fondant is a sweet paste usually used as an icing or filling for cakes and other pastries. Poured fondant is made mainly of sugar, water and corn syrup. Rolled fondant, on the other hand, is more like sweet dough.

What can you do with Bakels pettinice fondant?

Pettinice Product Information There’s no limit to what you can create with Bakels Pettinice ready to roll coloured icing. Cake decorating professionals and enthusiasts worldwide are creating extraordinary celebration cakes and high end confectionary using our high quality Pettinice fondant.

What kind of fondant do you use to decorate a cake?

Fondant fancies are a type of cake typically coated in poured fondant. Rolled fondant, fondant icing, or pettinice, which is not the same material as poured fondant, is commonly used to decorate wedding cakes.

What’s the difference between fondant icing and poured fondant?

It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerol. It does not have the texture of most icings; rolled fondant is akin to stiff clay, while poured fondant is a thick liquid.

What kind of glycerine is in rolled fondant?

Rolled fondant includes gelatin (or agar in vegetarian recipes) and food-grade glycerine, which keeps the sugar pliable and creates a dough-like consistency. Rolled fondant is rolled out like a pie crust and used to cover the cake.