What is the contest the suitors and Odysseus participate in?

What is the contest the suitors and Odysseus participate in?

She tells Odysseus, when he is disguised as a beggar, that she can no longer avoid it: Her parents are pressuring her, and Telemachus is “galled as [the suitors] squander his estate.” To determine which man she will marry, she devises a contest: Whoever can string Odysseus’s old bow and shoot an arrow through the …

What contest does Penelope propose to the suitors?

She proposes an archery contest to the suitors, with marriage to her as the prize. She enters the storeroom and takes down the heavy bow that odysseus left behind.

What is the contest of the bow in the Odyssey?

In Book 21 of The Odyssey, Penelope holds a contest. She brings out Odysseus’ bow and tells the suitors she will marry the first one who can string it and shoot an arrow through 12 axes. Telemachus and the suitors try and fail to even string the bow.

How many suitors are there?

108 suitors
Once Odysseus returns home (whom Athena initially disguises as a beggar so he can plot his revenge in secret), his son Telemachus tells him that there are 108 suitors: 52 from Dulichium, 24 from Same, 20 Achaeans from Zacynthus, and 12 from Ithaca.

What words are used to describe the suitors?

What words are used to describe the suitors? Words like lusty, arrogant, young bloods, and gluttons are used.

What does suitors mean in the Odyssey?

During Odysseus’ long absence, unmarried young men start to suspect that Odysseus died in Troy or on the journey home. Under the pretense of courting Penelope, these youths, called “the suitors”, take up residence in Odysseus’ home and vie for her hand in marriage.

Which is the best definition of the word suitor?

See more synonyms for suitor on Thesaurus.com. noun. a man who courts or woos a woman. Law. a petitioner or plaintiff. a person who sues or petitions for anything.

Who is the suitor in a Canadian skating suitor?

Purt was gorgeous in a Canadian skating suitor so the tailor who sold it to him had called it. Matters stood thus when a new suitor appeared in the person of Sir Lucien Pyne. In the second part of the poem the lady is threatened by an unwelcome suitor, in the person of a hideous giant.

Why did Helen have a list of suitors?

Taken together, the list of suitors matches well with the captains in the Catalog of Ships from the Iliad; however, some of the names may have been placed in the list of Helen’s suitors simply because they went to Troy. It is not unlikely that relatives of a suitor may have joined the war.

Why are the suitors called suitors in the Odyssey?

They’re commonly referred to as the suitors as a whole throughout the story, perhaps because this makes them seem like more of an oppressive force that Penelope and Telemachus have to unite against. The reader only learns the names of a few of the suitors, and these are the ones who play the biggest role.