What is the code in Super Paper Mario?

What is the code in Super Paper Mario?

Head to the top floor and then flip to 3D in the far left corner. Walk toward the camera, hit the block, then climb the ladder that pops out. At the top, use Slim to fit between the lasers, then enter this code into the vault door: 41262816.

What is the fastest way to get money in Super Paper Mario?

Enter the Rock Shop you encounter and sell your Gold Bars to the guy there for 15 coins more than you purchased them for. From him you can then buy Puzzle Boxes for three coins and sell them to the Flipside/Flopside Stores for 5 coins (netting +2 coins per box). This is a great way to earn cash in the game.

How do you get more HP in Super Paper Mario?

The player can choose to increase Mario’s maximum HP by five when he levels up in Paper Mario or Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In Super Paper Mario, the whole party’s HP increases every other level up. In addition, HP Plus badges can be used to increase his HP in increasements of five when needed.

Does Tippi love Mario?

Tippi becomes very happy after the heroes take the time to rescue her and she likes the heroes even more. It is actually hinted in the game that Tippi has fallen in love with Mario.

What happened to Count Bleck and Tippi?

Tippi and Count Bleck reestablish their love, and with the help of O’Chunks and Mimi, the Pure Hearts are restored and Dimentio is defeated. In order to banish the Chaos Heart and close The Void, Count Bleck and Tippi demonstrates the true love they possess and marry.

How do you beat the Underchomp in Super Paper Mario?

It’s a three-headed Chomp that guards The Underwhere… Max HP is 16, Attack is 3, Defense is 4. It’s immune to flames… Its Defense is high, so try using Cudge, Boomer, Thudley, or any special attack.

How do I unlock a piccolo?

The player must take the key to the first floor of Flopside and look for the abandoned house with the locked door near the card shop. The player must use the key to open a door. The player must open the big chest inside to get Piccolo on their team.

What is the max HP in Paper Mario?

Mario’s maximum HP can be anywhere from 5 to 50 (65 if three HP Plus Badges are worn) (Paper Mario), 5 to 200 (365 if 33 HP Plus badges are two) (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door), 10 to 255 (999 if items are provided, however, doing that needs 1,117,500 coins in total) (Super Paper Mario), or 20 to 100 (Paper Mario …

Where do you get a fourth Paper Mario game?

A fourth game can be unlocked if you have a Gold Card (obtained in the Flopside Milk Bar by going 3-D and opening a treasure chest). Contributed By: SnoogansBooyah. Need to get a level up, but keep dying in the Pit of 100 Trials?

Where do you get the paper effect in Super Paper Mario?

Head down one floor from the prisoners and go down on level. Go forward and grab the slimming pixel, which lets Mario go into 2D in 3D mode (paper effect). Use this ability to access the vault safe at the bank: 41262816 . You must first have completed Chapter 5 to be able to complete this.

How to inifinite 3D with Mario in Paper Mario?

Inifinite 3D with Mario. Beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario’s Card. This will allow you to go in 3D for as long as you want. Contributed By: SILKA_II. In order to do this you need at least 50 coins. Head to Yold Town in Chapter 1-2 and purchase a Life Shroom.

Where do you get the Golden Card in Paper Mario?

When you have successfully beaten the game talk to Bleu in Flopside. At Flopside go to the back room of ‘The OVerthere’ and get the Golden Card which is inside the treasure chest. To be able to play in 3D all the time with Mario you must beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario’s Card.