What is ping slang for?

What is ping slang for?

The meaning of ping or ping me: To send a quick, short message over a texting platform (SMS, Instant Messenger, Chat) used to check in, keep someone in the loop about something, or ask about something, with the expectation of a quick, short response from the receiving party.

What does ping mean urban?

In a 2000 newsletter from the American Dialect Society, one member observed that “a computer science person I work with” sometimes said ping to mean “get in touch with or send a reminder to a person.” Urban Dictionary definitions for “ping me” go back to 2004, and include glosses like “call me,” “get my attention,” and …

What does ping us mean?

To send one a message, typically to ask them a question or to get their attention. Let me ping Martin and figure out what time he’s coming to the party. Sorry, I didn’t that you’d pinged me on Skype until a few hours later. See also: ping.

What does ping mean Covid?

If you get a message or ‘ping’ from the NHS COVID-19 app, it means you’ve been in contact with someone with coronavirus. Government guidance says you should stay at home and self-isolate. The people you live with don’t have to self-isolate just because you were pinged by the app.

What is another word for ping?

What is another word for ping?

chime ring
ding tinkle
clink clang
beep bleep
noise peep

Where did ping me originate?

The ‘ping’ in ‘ping me’ likely has its origin in the ‘ping’ of sonar—you know, the one in the submarine movies, where sailors are huddled in a metal craft deep under the water, listening for the pings that tell them the location of an enemy submarine.

What does pinging mean in British slang?

A problem with relying on slang to identify drugs is meanings change over time. It took a few years for pinger to be used in the UK as slang for MDMA. Pinger was not on the list but ping-on was listed as meaning opium and pingus as the prescription drug Rohypnol (a sedative and muscle relaxant).

What do Covid alerts say?

Your phone will tell you when you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. The alert will say: “Close contact notification. You have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

What does pinging mean in English?

to make a short, sharp sound: We heard a small stone ping against our window. [ T ] informal. to send an email or text message: Ping me an email.

Can you ping a cell phone?

You can’t directly ping a cellphone number unless you have access to the carrier’s system, which means it’s limited to the carrier and – within limits – law enforcement. The civilian equivalent is installing a phone-tracker app that reports the phone’s location to whoever installs and administers the app.

What does pinging mean drugs?

MDMA (3,4- methylenedioxymethamphetamine), or ecstasy, is one of the drugs people take most commonly at music festivals. The term “pinger” (or pinga) is thought to be an Australian creation used to refer to MDMA.

What is another word for Ping?

What do the initials Ping stand for?

PING: Packet Internet Groper (common meaning, but probably not correct) PInG: Princeton Internet Group, Inc. PING: Partimage Is Not Ghost (Linux) PING: Process-Improvement Networking Group: PING: Puck In Net: Goal! PING: Parent Involvement Network Group

What exactly does pinging mean?

‘Pinging’ is in effect sending an ‘are you there’ request to a server, without actually requesting a download of, for example, a web page. It’s normally done to check the presence of a server, or the response times: very little bandwidth is consumed in the process.

What does the name Pong mean?

Origin and Meaning of Pong. According to a user from New York, United States, the name Pong is of Chinese origin and means “Noble surname in Hong Kong,China. House of Dragons; Dragons roar from the High Palace of the South Sea .

What is the plural of Ping?

ping ( plural pings ) A high-pitched, short and somewhat sharp sound. Coordinate terms: beep, peep. My car used to make an odd ping, but after the last oil change it went away. (submarine navigation) A pulse of high-pitched or ultrasonic sound whose echoes provide information about nearby objects and vessels.