What is Marias advice to Bruno?

What is Marias advice to Bruno?

When her mother died, he paid for the funeral. It was for these reasons, Maria told Bruno, that she would not say a bad word about Father. She told Bruno he should keep his feelings to himself and his head down until everything was over.

What does Maria tell Bruno about his father?

Maria goes on to tell Bruno that his father is a good man. She says that Bruno’s father took her in when she desperately needed help. Maria tells Bruno that before she became their maid, she was jobless, homeless, and hungry.

How does Maria respond to Bruno’s question?

How does Maria respond to Bruno’s question about living at the new house? It doesn’t matter what i think Father knows best.

Why do you think Maria is advising Bruno to stay quiet about his feelings?

Why did Maria advise Bruno to keep quiet about his dislike of the place, do you think? Maria knew that it was dangerous to say what you wanted at the time; he could cause a lot of trouble (p. 65) for the whole family!

What is Chapter 7 about in the boy in the striped pajamas?

Summary: Chapter 7. After several weeks at Out-With, Bruno sought new ways to entertain himself. He wanted to avoid going mad like one of his old Berlin neighbors, Herr Roller, who would walk around the neighborhood in tears with his hands on his head.

What did Gretel want Maria?

It turns out to be Gretel, who comes into Bruno’s bedroom. She demands that Maria run her a bath. Bruno tells her she can do it herself, but Gretel says that that’s what Maria is for, as she is their maid.

What does Bruno glimpse about Maria’s life and what does he Realise about her?

Bruno understands that Maria is more than simply a maid, “with a life and history all of her own.” Bruno recognizes and validates her own experiences. For as long as he has lived, Bruno has understood that Maria was there to tend to his needs. It is seen when he hears Maria’s story and history.

Why is Maria grateful to Bruno’s father?

After Bruno calls his father stupid, Maria is horrified, insisting that his father is a good man. 2. Why is Maria grateful to the Commandant? Maria feels grateful because the Commandant gave her a job and paid for her mother’s hospital care and funeral expenses.

What was Maria’s answer?

(c) What was Maria’s answer? Answer: Maria did not answer directly but only said that it was not in her position to answer that question and that Bruno should understand the nature of his father’s job.

How does Bruno reveal that he has no understanding of Shmuel’s situation?

How does Bruno reveal that he has no understanding of Shmuel’s situation? Bruno compares Shmuel’s move to ‘Out-With’ with his own. He also tells Shmuel that he does not believe so many people would live in one room in the Ghetto or that there were no doors on Shmuel’s train.

What did Bruno decide in Chapter 9?

He realizes that he misses exploring, and decides to investigate the grounds outside the house. He chooses to go explore the fence, even though he has been told it is off-limits. On his way to the fence, he stops at a bench with a plaque on it—he has seen it for months, but has never taken the time to read it.