What is it called when development enters a dormancy period?

What is it called when development enters a dormancy period?

Predictive dormancy occurs when an organism enters a dormant phase before the onset of adverse conditions.

What is a seed dormancy period?

Seed dormancy is the state in which seed is unable to germinate, even under ideal growing conditions (Merriam-Webster). Because dormancy can be broken by most ideal growing conditions (different and specific for each species), the seeds germinate when they are the most likely to flourish.

What is the process called when a seed begins to grow?

The beginning of the growth of a seed into a seedling is known as germination. All seeds need water, oxygen and the right temperature to germinate.

Why do seeds go through a period of dormancy?

Dormancy allows seed dispersal, reducing intraspecies competition and increasing colonization. Dormancy helps seedlings to avoid harsh seasonal or unpredictable environmental conditions. Hard, impermeable seedcoats, underdeveloped embryos, and inhibitory chemicals create dormant seeds.

What is dormancy and hibernation?

Dormancy is a period of inactivity, either in winter or summer. Both plants and animals have dormant periods. Hibernation is a unique form of dormancy. If sold on the shelf, it would be Dormancy Extreme.

What diapause means?

: a period of physiologically enforced dormancy between periods of activity.

What is pericarp in bio?

pericarp. (Science: plant biology) The wall of a fruit, developed from the ovary wall. The ripened and variously modified walls of a plant ovary. Consisting of the outer exocarp, central mesocarp and inner endocarp, this is the wall of a plant fruit that develops from the ovary wall.

What is seed dormancy and its types?

There are two types of seed dormancy in general: seed coat (physical) dormancy and internal dormancy. In seed coat dormancy, the seed coat prevents oxygen and/or water permeating into the seed. Sometimes, dormancy is caused by inhibiting chemicals inside the seed.

What is cotyledon seed?

cotyledon, seed leaf within the embryo of a seed. Cotyledons help supply the nutrition a plant embryo needs to germinate and become established as a photosynthetic organism and may themselves be a source of nutritional reserves or may aid the embryo in metabolizing nutrition stored elsewhere in the seed.

What is an antonym for germinate?

What is the opposite of germinate?

cease compress
die end
halt shrink
slow stop
thwart wither

What is seed dormancy and seed germination?

Seed dormancy allows seeds to overcome periods that are unfavourable for seedling established and is therefore important for plant ecology and agriculture. Several processes are known to be involved in the induction of dormancy and in the switch from the dormant to the germinating state.

What is another word for dormancy?

What is another word for dormancy?

inaction inactivity
dilly-dallying laziness
repose passivity
immobility desuetude
disuse lassitude

What does it mean when a seed is in dormancy?

Seed dormancy can be defined as the state or a condition in which seeds are prevented from germinating even under the favourable environmental conditions for germination including, temperature, water, light, gas, seed coats, and other mechanical restrictions.

Why is a dormant seed unable to germinate?

Seed dormancy is a mechanism to prevent germination when adverse climatic conditions prevail mainly during low probability of seedling survival. A dormant seed is one that is unable to germinate in a particular period of time or specific environmental scenario.

What is the resting period of a seed?

Seed dormancy is called as the resting period. Under the unfavorable conditions for germination there is and increase in level of ABA hormone in seed that induces domancy due to even the embryo of the seed is viable but unable to germinate. As the environmentnal conditions becomes favourable for germination,…

Why are there no dormant seeds in Anacardiaceae?

In the families Anacardiaceae and Nelumbonaceae the seed coat is not well developed. Therefore, palisade layers in the fruit perform the functional role of preventing water uptake . While physical dormancy is a common feature, several species in these families do not have physical dormancy or produce non-dormant seeds.