What is a good sentence for the word suspicious?

What is a good sentence for the word suspicious?

The suspicious vehicle was reported to police. Suspicious characters were seen hanging around the bank. He found a suspicious lump on his back and was afraid it might be cancer. Officials are suspicious about her death.

What is an example of the word suspicious?

The definition of suspicious is someone or something questionable or likely to be suspect. An example of suspicious used as an adjective is the phrase suspicious activity, such as someone bringing a large empty bag with them into a department store dressing room as if they might steal the clothes.

How do you put suspicion in a sentence?

We left in the daytime so as not to arouse suspicion.

  1. I confess to some suspicion of your honesty.
  2. I had a suspicion that he was there.
  3. Local people regard the police with suspicion and distrust.
  4. Nobody is safe from suspicion at the moment.
  5. He was arrested on suspicion of murder.

How do you describe suspicious?

tending to cause or excite suspicion; questionable: suspicious behavior. inclined to suspect, especially inclined to suspect evil; distrustful: a suspicious tyrant. full of or feeling suspicion. expressing or indicating suspicion: a suspicious glance.

What is suspicious behavior?

Suspicious behavior or activity can be any action that is out of place and does not fit into the usual day-to-day activity of our campus community. For example, you see someone looking into multiple vehicles or homes or testing to see if they are unlocked.

Is suspicious a feeling?

suspicion Add to list Share. Suspicion is a feeling that something might be true. That’s why it can mean a general bad feeling about someone or something, like neighbors who regard all new people with suspicion until they get to know them.

How do you use admire in a sentence?

Admire sentence example

  1. I admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it.
  2. I admire your spirit and your passion.
  3. I admire your courage.
  4. They admire you for what you have accomplished.
  5. She stopped to admire the colors of a fruit pyramid and the textures of textiles.
  6. I admire you, too, Jenn.
  7. My word, I admire you!

What is the synonym of suspicion?

Some common synonyms of suspicion are doubt, dubiety, mistrust, skepticism, and uncertainty.

How do you use agitated in a sentence?

Agitated sentence example

  1. He was very agitated , but I don’t think he meant to harm us.
  2. She was agitated to the point of distraught.
  3. Sonya entered the room with an agitated face.
  4. A strange feeling agitated me all the time I was alone with him in the dark chamber.
  5. Agitated and flushed she turned round.

How do you say you are suspicious?


  1. apprehensive.
  2. cautious.
  3. doubtful.
  4. incredulous.
  5. mistrustful.
  6. skeptical.
  7. wary.
  8. watchful.

How can I be suspicious?

How to be suspicious in Among Us

  1. Always stand on vents.
  2. Ask why you have no tasks.
  3. Stay silent, just follow someone constantly.
  4. Explain everything you did in detail, in a really panicked voice.
  5. If you find a body, stand next to it until someone sees you and helps you report it.

What does the name suspicion mean?

suspicion (Noun) The act of suspecting something or someone, especially of something wrong. Etymology: From Anglo‐French suspecioun, from suspeçun or sospeçon, from suspectionem, of the past participle from suspicere, from sub- with specere.

What is person that is suspicious?

A suspicious person is either one who is exhibiting suspicious behavior, or who is in an area or doing something that is not normal. Other unusual behavior may include nervousness, nervous glancing or other signs of mental

What is the antonym for the word suspicious?

Antonyms for suspicious. distrustful: believable, thoughtless, undoubting, heedless, palpable, certain, confident, trustworthy, incautious, convinced, believing, unquestionable, trusting, innocent, trusty, sure, undoubted, uncareful, Indubious, inattentive, rash, careless.

What does suspecious mean?

1. tending to cause or excite suspicion; questionable: suspicious behavior. 2. inclined to suspect, esp. inclined to suspect evil; distrustful. 3. full of or feeling suspicion. 4. expressing or indicating suspicion: a suspicious glance. [1300–50; Middle English < Latin suspīciōsus] sus•pi′cious•ly, adv.