What happens when you stretch the rubber band will it become longer or shorter Why?

What happens when you stretch the rubber band will it become longer or shorter Why?

As the rubber is stretched the bonds between adjacent chains are broken. Stretching a rubber band makes it get hot – heat energy is lost. Therefore if you put heat energy into a rubber band it will get shorter – unlike most materials when they are heated.

Why do the thin elastic bands stretch more?

Rubber bands are the main part of braces, they are necessary to put the teeth and jaw into the proper position. If the rubber band is thick the rubber band would be harder to stretch which would have a small distance, but if it was thin the it would be easier to stretch which would make it have a larger distance.

Does the amount of stretch of a rubber band affect the distance a rubber band will travel?

Once released, this energy is converted to kinetic energy of the rubber band, therefore, the longer it is stretched, the more kinetic energy it gets, and thus , the farther it travels.

What happens to the elastic band if you stretch it too far?

Provided you don’t push the rubber band from the “elastic range” into the “plastic range”, the band should return perfectly to its original form. However, if you stretch the rubber band too far, it will experience plastic deformation, and eventually reach a fracturing point, when it will snap!

Why rubber band is stretched how it is connected to the elastic rebound theory?

This is what happens in a rubber band. As you stretch a rubber band, the material stores elastic energy, and its desire to snap back is the stored elastic energy. Once there is a lot of elastic energy stored, you can let it go.

What extends the life of a rubber band?

Another way to extend life is to change the color; adding carbon black prolonges the life of rubber substantially (Protection from light) and by adding antioxidants. The background of embrittlement of polybutadiene (polyisoprene) based rubbers is crosslinking by radical chain reactions with oxygen.

How far can an elastic band stretch?

If we pull it twice as hard (so as much force as a two-liter bottle), the band will stretch twice as far and heat up four times as much. So that comes to about four or five degrees, which is probably enough to detect it by touching it to your lip.

Does the width of a rubber band affect how easily it can be stretched?

Yosef is curious about the rubber bands, and develops this scientific question: Does the width of a rubber band affect how easily it can be stretched? If the width of a rubber band is increased, then it will be more difficult to stretch because more force will be needed to stretch it.

Why do elastic bands go brittle?

Natural rubber is attacked by the trace amounts of ozone in ground-level air, and this turns them brittle. If the rubber band manufacturers included anti-ozonants in their rubber recipe, the bands would last a lot longer. However, rubber bands are made to be cheap, and so no anti-ozonants are added.

Why is elastic rebound theory important?

Elastic rebound theory fits in well with the theory of plate tectonics and helps explains the cyclical nature of many earthquakes including why earthquakes repeatedly occur in the same regions.

How does elastic rebound take place?

Elastic rebound is what happens to the crustal material on either side of a fault during an earthquake. The idea is that a fault is stuck until the strain accumulated in the rock on either side of the fault has overcome the friction making it stick.

Why do rubber bands last longer when refrigerated?

The rubber band actually expands when it gets colder! This occurs because of the unusual polymer structure of rubber. When the long chains get hotter and vibrate, they actually shorten, causing the material to contract. When the chains cool down, they relax and stretch out, causing the material to expand.

Why do rubber bands stretch when you pull on them?

The reason rubber bands stretch is because when you pull on the rubber band, the polymers (which are normally coiled up more or less at random) get stretched lengthwise and the rubber band is lengthened. When you stop pulling on the rubber band, the polymers return back to their more coiled state and the rubber band goes back to being shorter.

Why are blue resistance bands good for stretching?

Because they are so hard to stretch out, blue resistance bands are a great choice for doing partnered exercises, where both you and another are pulling against the band.

Why does a thicker rubber band have a larger spring constant?

For example, a thicker rubber band should have a larger spring constant due to its larger cross-sectional area. In this experiment you can check this prediction and investigate the way in which Hooke’s Law applies to rubber bands.

Why is the ability to stretch called elasticity?

The ability to stretch is what we call elasticity (elasticity is the noun, elastic is the verb). Rubber is elastic because the chemical bonds that hold it together can store energy in the form of tension and allow the rubber to stretch, Beyond that I don’t think I’m qualified to explain. Click Here to return to the search form.